Astra Premium Sites 4.0.13 Nulled – 240+ Ready to Import Website Templates

The digital space has grown exponentially, and with this growth comes an increasing need for polished, professional websites. Enter Astra Premium Sites Nulled, a powerful tool in the digital arsenal for any website designer, entrepreneur, or business. Designed as an extension of the renowned Astra theme, Astra Premium Sites promises to redefine the way we look at pre-built website templates.

Astra Premium Sites is a collection of ready-to-import website templates crafted specifically for the Astra theme. It caters to a wide variety of niches and industries, from e-commerce stores to blogs, portfolios, and beyond. Designed with precision, these templates are not just aesthetically pleasing but are also optimized for performance. Given the reputation of Astra as a lightweight and customizable theme, these premium templates add an extra layer of elegance and functionality, making website creation a breeze.


Diverse Range of Templates

Catering to numerous sectors like health, education, business, and more, there’s a template for every need.

Optimized for Performance

Just like the core Astra theme, these premium sites are designed for speed and seamless user experience.

Customizable Layouts

While the templates are pre-built, there’s ample room for personalization, allowing brands to make each design their own.

Astra Premium Sites work fluidly with popular page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, and more, ensuring design flexibility.

WooCommerce Ready

For those diving into the e-commerce realm, these templates are fully compatible with WooCommerce, streamlining the process of setting up an online store.

Mobile Responsive

In a mobile-first world, these templates ensure that websites look and function perfectly on all device sizes.

SEO Friendly

Beyond aesthetics and performance, these templates are coded for SEO, paving the way for better search engine rankings.

Regular Updates

To ensure compatibility and take advantage of the latest web standards, the templates receive regular updates.

Download Astra Premium Sites

Astra Premium Sites stands as a testament to the potential of modern web design, effectively merging aesthetic appeal with optimized functionality. Offering more than just templates, it paves the way for businesses, bloggers, and creators to present their brand story with clarity and finesse. The diverse range of templates caters to an array of niches, ensuring that every user finds their perfect match. Furthermore, with the ever-evolving digital landscape, the regular updates provided ensure that your website remains current and competitive. In essence, Starter Template is not just a tool, but a strategic ally, assisting users in building their digital footprint with professionalism and panache. For those who wish to elevate their online presence, this platform emerges as a clear frontrunner, championing both design and user experience. It’s more than just a product; it’s a commitment to digital excellence.


Starter Templates 4.0.13 Update

Hello everyone!

Great news – we’ve released the Starter Templates 4.0.13 Update!

In this update, we fixed an issue where AI descriptions weren’t showing up on WordPress sites.

Starter Templates 4.0.12 Update

Hello everyone!

Exciting news – the Starter Templates 4.0.12 Update is out!

We fixed an issue where the Template Kits button was missing due to business category mismatches.

Now, you’ll have no problem seeing this button.

Update to version 4.0.12 of the Astra Starter Templates plugin to get this fix. Any questions? Just ask!

Thanks for your support!


Team Starter Templates

Starter Templates 4.0.11 Update


  • Resolved an issue where the import process stayed stuck at 95% with AI Website Builder.

Starter Templates 4.0.9 Update

Hello Starter Templates Community!

Great news! The Astra Starter Templates 4.0.9 update brings an exciting fix to your template-importing experience.

Previously, there was a small problem where your site’s category wasn’t assigned after importing a template. No need to worry anymore – we’ve fixed it!

Now, you can import any templates and use them without concerns about this issue. Update to 4.0.9 to enjoy this fix.

P.S. We’re constantly working to enhance our Starter Templates, so feel free to share any issues you encounter. 

Thanks for being awesome and choosing Starter Templates!

Team Starter Templates

Starter Templates 4.0.8 Updates

Hey Starter Templates community,

We’re super excited to bring you the latest update of Starter Templates. With 4.0.8, we’ve added tons of features to our AI Website Builder.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Donations: Easily let people donate on your site.
  • Automation & Integrations: Save time with automatic tasks and multiple integrations.
  • Sales Funnels: Boost your sales game by creating effective funnels directly on your site. Bring in higher conversions.
  • Video Player: Add videos to make your website more interesting
  • Free Live Chat: Connect with your website visitors for free using our new live chat feature!

Starter Templates 4.0.7 Released


  • Resolved an issue where the Premium Template Kits won’t get imported.

Starter Templates 4.0.6 Released


  • Enhanced user experience by providing informative error messages for better troubleshooting.

Starter Templates 4.0.5 Released


  • Added Flexbox Container compatibility for Elementor templates.

Starter Templates 4.0.4 Released


  • Fixed the fatal error issue that would occur after Spectra v2.12.0.

Starter Templates 4.0.3 Released


  • Fixed an issue where the import process was breaking for AI websites.
  • Fixed an issue where the images won’t get reflected in search results as per the search keyword.

Starter Templates 4.0.2 Released


  • Added Flexbox Container compatibility in Elementor.
  • Added ability to resume back to last session while building AI website.
  • Better UX while using AI Website Builder.

Version 4.0.1


  • Fixed an issue where the CSS looked messed up after importing using AI Website Builder.



  • AI Website Builder


  • Tightened the plugin security.

Version 3.5.7


  • Fixed Template Kit library conflict ( 503 Error ) with Gravity Form plugin.

Version 3.5.6: Templates are back

After the 3.5 release, the old templates were not available in the Templates Kit library, which is now back. Along with the patterns and pages, you now have all the conventional templates available under Kits. You can now save the templates on your favorite list as well.


  • Expanded the Template Kit Library by introducing site templates for an enriched selection of design options.


  • Enhanced the WordPress Dashboard banner for improved visibility.
  • Streamlined compatibility by discontinuing support for PHP versions below 7.4


  • Fixed the persistent customizer CSS issue in non-adaptive mode within the Template Kit Library.
  • Enhanced compatibility in Template Kits Library to ensure seamless template display even when Spectra is activated midway through the import process.

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