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When it comes to website development in WordPress, flexibility, ease, and functionality are paramount. In the extensive ecosystem of WordPress themes, Blocksy Pro or Companion Premium emerges as an unparalleled front-runner. With its sleek design, high-speed performance, and an array of customizing options, it ensures your website stands out, captures attention, and leaves an impression. Let’s delve into what makes Blocksy Pro Nulled an indispensable asset for WordPress aficionados.

Why Choose Blocksy Pro?

Every website owner desires a site that resonates with their brand, vision, and aesthetics. Blocksy Pro is more than just a theme; it’s a complete experience. Designed from the ground up with modern website design requirements in mind, it meets and often surpasses users’ expectations. Here’s a glimpse into the features that make it a premium choice:

  • Deep Customization: With Blocksy Pro, you can tailor every tiny detail of your website without writing a single line of code. From header to footer, blog layouts to single page displays, the control is entirely in your hands.
  • Optimized Performance: Speed is critical in today’s digital age. It ensures lightning-fast performance, ensuring that your visitors don’t bounce off due to sluggish load times.
  • Extensive Integrations: Whether you run an e-commerce store, a personal blog, or a corporate website, Blocksy Pro has got you covered. It seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce, making e-commerce setups a breeze. Moreover, its compatibility with popular plugins enhances its functionality manifold.
  • Responsive Design: In an era where mobile browsing has taken the forefront, Blocksy Pro ensures that your website looks pristine, whether viewed on a desktop, tablet, or mobile. Its responsive design adapts perfectly to different screen sizes, offering an unparalleled browsing experience.
  • Advanced Header Builder: The header is often the first thing your visitors notice. With Blocksy Pro’s advanced header builder, craft unique and interactive headers that capture attention instantly.

Unveiling the Premium Features

While the basic Blocksy theme is already impressive, upgrading to Blocksy Pro brings a host of premium features to the table:

  • Dynamic Content: Display real-time content with ease. Whether it’s recent posts, product prices, or any custom fields, dynamic content ensures your site is always up-to-date.
  • Enhanced WooCommerce Support: Transform your online store with extended WooCommerce features. Custom shop pages, quick view, wish list, and more – the e-commerce capabilities are vast and varied.
  • Custom Fonts: Add a personal touch to your website with custom fonts. Whether you wish to upload a unique typeface or integrate with third-party font providers, Blocksy Pro makes it simple and straightforward.
  • Advanced Menu: Craft navigation menus that guide your visitors effortlessly. With mega menus, images in menus, and badge options, enhance user engagement and site navigability.
  • Premium Extensions: The theme offers a plethora of premium extensions, including ‘Mailchimp Subscribe’, ‘Cookies Consent’, ‘Product Share’, and more. Each extension augments your website’s capabilities and enriches the user experience.

Conclusion: Elevate Your WordPress Site with Blocksy Pro

In the vast sea of WordPress themes, Blocksy Pro Free Download stands tall, offering an unmatched blend of style and substance. It is not merely a theme; it’s a comprehensive toolkit that empowers you to create a website that mirrors your vision perfectly. From bloggers to businesses, every WordPress user can benefit from the premium features, impeccable design, and stellar performance that Blocksy Pro promises.

For those keen on transcending the ordinary and crafting a website that is both aesthetically pleasing and functionally robust, Blocksy Pro is the key. Dive in, explore its vast array of features, and watch your website transform into a digital masterpiece. With this one, you’re not just building a website; you’re crafting an experience. Embrace it, and let your website shine brighter than ever before!

Changelog Blocksy Pro

Version: 2.0.26RELEASED ON FEBRUARY 22, 2024

  • Allow attribute terms ordering
  • Correctly implement attributes count when lookup table is disabled
  • Dont attempt to make SQL query for counts with empty terms
  • Ensure the Content Blocks are outputting the correct image HTML
  • Make sure the taxonomy customization options are properly displayed for all custom taxonomies
  • Option for language header element to show only the active languages
  • Post filter buttons require double tap on first load on Chrome/Android
  • “Extensions” remains in infinite loading immediately after hiding the white label extension
  • PHP warnings in combination with dynamic data block, ACF and CPTs inside Content Block templates
  • White label extension does not appear after unhiding it unless another extension is clicked

Version: 2.0.25RELEASED ON FEBRUARY 15, 2024

  • “Close popup on scroll back” does not work if scroll direction is UP
  • Correctly override loop add to cart button when default variation is detected
  • Wrong attribute filters shown on sub-category page

Version: 2.0.24RELEASED ON FEBRUARY 8, 2024

  • Advanced Reviews – show uploaded image to reviews in backend for review approval
  • Dynamic data block – correctly extract the main shop page description/excerpt
  • Introduce a safe sprintf function to avoid errors on translations
  • Let users disable the “filters” button in canvas mode, if the filter area is always opened
  • Reduce amount of database queries made for retrieving filters counters
  • Shortcuts bar – cart item requires two taps to activate on first load

Version: 2.0.23RELEASED ON FEBRUARY 1, 2024

  • WooCommerce gallery auto play option
  • Account modal – better integration with Simple Cloudflare Turnstile plugin
  • Add possibility to show/hide taxonomy children in header Search Box element
  • Content Blocks – better integration with MaxiBlocks plugin
  • Brand filter – checkboxes are not visible in backend
  • Prices not displayed in archive for variable products under specific set of conditions

Version: 2.0.22RELEASED ON JANUARY 25, 2024

  • Advanced reviews upvote/downvote buttons accessibility improvements
  • Correctly normalize single product layers in the split layout
  • Filter checkboxes accessibility improvement
  • Filters disappear on sub-category pages if “show hierarchy” is ticked
  • Filters show non existing attributes, if on a sub-category page

Version: 2.0.20RELEASED ON JANUARY 19, 2024

  • Cache Shop Extra filter counts to improve performance
  • Improve copying post type options with post filters across multiple post types + taxonomies
  • Mega menu position issue when set to full width or content width

Version: 2.0.19 – RELEASED ON JANUARY 18, 2024

  • Better and safer check for current user capabilities when retrieving options from db
  • Filters don’t apply if attributes and categories have non latin slugs
  • Improve filters counter logic and use attributes lookup table for speed if available
  • Off canvas Ajax filters loads entire filter catalogue on category pages
  • Featured image with video thumbnails – Vimeo videos are incorrectly triggered if there are multiple players on the same page
  • Filters hierarchy issue in preview mode when “Expandable” option is off

Version: 2.0.18 RELEASED ON JANUARY 12, 2024

  • Mobile cart view alignment problem with shipping methods
  • WooCommerce cards type 1 – add to cart button does not inherit border styles from global button settings

Version: 2.0.17 RELEASED ON JANUARY 11, 2024

  • Better compatibility with Yith AJAX Filters and infinite/load more pagination
  • Make sure the new WooCommerce block notices inherit the theme styles
  • Mini cart is not aligned correctly on small screens in RTL mode
  • Respect locale setting when deciding how to count words in excerpts
  • Lazy loading does not get disabled for the “featured image” separate layer for single posts

Version: 2.0.16 RELEASED ON JANUARY 5, 2024

  • Display Conditions (Range Date/Time) – don’t allow setting expiration time earlier than starting time
  • Make sure WooCommerce swatches don’t affect other select options

Version: 2.0.15 RELEASED ON JANUARY 4, 2024

  • Option to change heading html tag for product titles in archive
  • Dynamic data block dont attempt to render a product field when WooCommerce is not present
  • Embedded color picker closes if the view is scrolled using the scroll bar
  • Increase the number of maximum rows in product archives
  • Inserting WooCommerce related header elements and deactivating WooCommerce leaves ghost elements in header row
  • Single post title type-1 bottom spacing unit is not migrating while updating from v1
  • Trigger database migration after custom post types are declared to ensure correct css regeneration
  • Extra long links break WooCommerce product reviews CSS layout
  • Selecting “pages” search criteria for the search box element, along with two other criteria breaks the taxonomy filter

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