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The digital transformation wave has streamlined many business operations, and appointment scheduling stands as a prime example. Amidst an array of tools available, Booknetic emerges as a specialized WordPress booking plugin designed for businesses that thrive on appointments. Offering a SaaS solution, it promises to revolutionize the way businesses manage their schedules.

Gone are the days when businesses had to rely on manual diaries and phone calls to schedule appointments. The demand for a more streamlined, organized, and efficient method was palpable. Enter Booknetic, a beacon for businesses in dire need of an upgrade. Designed meticulously for the WordPress platform, Booknetic simplifies appointment scheduling, making it efficient, reliable, and incredibly user-friendly. Beyond just a booking tool, it’s an end-to-end solution, bridging the gap between businesses and their clients.


Comprehensive SaaS Solution

Booknetic operates on a Software-as-a-Service model, meaning users can enjoy all its benefits without worrying about updates, maintenance, or compatibility issues. The cloud-based nature ensures you have access anytime, anywhere.

Seamless WordPress Integration

Designed keeping WordPress users in mind, Booknetic Nulled integrates flawlessly with the platform, ensuring that the plugin feels like a native component of your site rather than an add-on.

Customizable Booking Forms

Every business is unique, and so are its needs. Booknetic offers customizable booking forms, allowing businesses to tailor them according to their specific requirements.

SMS & Email Notifications

Automatic notifications ensure that both the business and the client are on the same page. With Booknetic, you can set up SMS and email reminders, reducing no-shows and ensuring timely appointments.

Multiple Time Slot Selection

Understanding the dynamic nature of appointments, Booknetic offers a feature where clients can choose multiple time slots according to their convenience.

Timezone Compatibility

Catering to businesses that operate across different time zones, Booknetic adjusts timings according to the client’s timezone, ensuring no mix-ups or misunderstandings.

Recurring Appointments

For services that require periodic appointments, such as weekly consultations or monthly check-ups, Booknetic allows clients to book recurring slots, ensuring continuity in service delivery.

WooCommerce Integration

If your business operates with WooCommerce, Booknetic seamlessly integrates, allowing easy management of payments and bookings all in one place.

Google Calendar Sync

No more juggling between different scheduling tools. With Google Calendar synchronization, all your appointments are automatically updated, ensuring you never miss a beat.

Customizable Design

Keeping brand consistency in mind, Booknetic allows businesses to customize the look and feel of the booking interface to resonate with their brand image.

Detailed Reports & Analytics

Knowledge is power. The plugin provides detailed insights into your bookings, allowing businesses to make informed decisions and optimize their operations.

Download Booknetic WordPress Plugin

As businesses navigate the complex waters of the digital age, the need for tools that streamline operations and enhance client experience becomes paramount. Booknetic doesn’t merely meet this need—it anticipates and surpasses it. It’s more than just a digital assistant; it’s a strategic partner in growth. By merging the power of modern technology with intuitive design, it presents a holistic approach to appointment scheduling, turning a mundane task into a dynamic, interactive experience.

Moreover, Booknetic’s value proposition goes beyond its immediate functionalities. By automating and optimizing scheduling tasks, it indirectly fosters client trust, enhances brand credibility, and frees up valuable resources. These saved hours can be channeled into more critical areas, be it strategy development, customer engagement, or innovation.

Additionally, in the age of globalization, where businesses often cater to a diverse clientele spread across time zones and regions, the plugin’s timezone compatibility and multi-slot features become especially crucial. These details, though might seem minute, can be the difference between a satisfied customer and a lost opportunity.

The adaptability of Booknetic to fit into different business models—be it a spa, a consultancy firm, or a medical practice—makes it a universal asset. As e-commerce and online services continue to dominate, the importance of a reliable, efficient, and user-friendly booking system will only intensify. And in this landscape, Booknetic positions itself not as an option but as an indispensable asset.

In summation, Booknetic is more than just a technological tool—it’s a vision of the future of appointment scheduling. A future where efficiency meets elegance, where businesses thrive not just by what they offer but by how they offer it. And as this future unfolds, those equipped with tools like Booknetic will undoubtedly lead the way.


v3.8.20– 23 Feb 24


  • Fixed issue with Custom durations and Staff specific durations
  • Fixed issue with Importing customers CSV with birthday field
  • Fixed issue with Customer panel Date format. The format is automatically determined from the WordPress date format.


  • Added shortcodes for conditional price: {appointment_conditional_prices_additions} / {appointment_conditional_prices_discounts}

v3.8.17 Beta– 02 Feb 24


  • Fixed issue with Calendar first dates.
  • Fixed issue with adding Wp user by staff member
  • Fixed issue with Deposit fixed amount
  • Fixed issue with Woocommerce skip confirmation step
  • Fixed issue with Coupons and Conditional prices
  • Fixed issue with category deletion in graph view
  • Fixed issue with Woocommerce overdue appointment in basket
  • Fixed issue with “Pay now” in the customer panel for cancelled appointments


  • Added limited booking days to the services settings

v3.8.16 Beta– 23 Jan 24


  • Fixed issue with Google Calendar and “waiting” appointments
  • Fixed issue with Customer Panel error
  • Fixed issue with  sign up
  • Fixed issue with services list view
  • Fixed issue with creating appointment without filling required field from admin dashboard
  • Fixed issue with Reports chart in Mozilla browser


  • Phone number validation length is changed to minium 7 and maximum 15;
  • Added Thai language to Invoice;
  • Addded shortcode for time restriction to change appointments;
  • Added possibility to delete extra service category;

v3.8.14 – 08 Jan 24


  • Fixed issue with timeslot length.
  • Fixed issue with “Allow admins to book outside working hours”
  • Fixed issue with Canceled appointments synchronization Google Calendar.
  • Fixed issue with Mollie blank popup if payment is not successful.


  • Improved phone number input validation
  • Added ability to hide WordPress button for Staff in User role manager.

v3.8.12– 15 Dec 23


  • Hide the number of available slots.
  • Skip the month if the timeslot is not available in the booking panel;
  • Issue with Booknetic and Woocommerce order details translation;


  • Added synchronization of the relevant appointments that were created before Google Calendar activation;
  • Added the {appointment_total_attendees} shortcode to show the total number of customers in an appointment;
  • {appointment_brought_people} is changed to show only the brought people count;
  • The conditional price in the confirmation step is highlighted.
  • All group appointments in the calendar are synchronized to the Google Calendar.
  • Updated currencies;
  • Added autologin after the sign-up confirmation step;
  • Added a shortcode for the appointment end date;
  • “Allow admins to book outside working hours” permission is added to the User Role Manager;
  • Added more time period options for the service “Time Slot Length”;

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