Event Manager WordPress Plugin v3.3.44 Nulled + Addons (Eventin Pro)

The Event Manager WordPress Plugin or Eventin Pro is an advanced tool designed to revolutionize event management through a WordPress website. This plugin encompasses a comprehensive suite of features that cater to every aspect of event organization, from attendee management to speaker profiles and Zoom integration.

Organizing events, whether online or offline, requires meticulous planning and coordination. The Event Manager WordPress Plugin Nulled streamlines this process, providing an all-in-one solution for managing various event aspects seamlessly. This plugin is ideal for event organizers looking to enhance their event management capabilities and offer a superior user experience.

The Event Manager WordPress Plugin offers over 10 multi-event widgets, 5+ speaker widgets, and several single event widgets. It supports RTL languages, enabling its use in diverse linguistic settings. The plugin also integrates effortlessly with Elementor, offering various widgets to enhance your website’s functionality. Additionally, it features attendee management, Zoom integration, and the ability to override the event single page for more personalized event pages.

Key Features

  1. Multi-Event and Speaker Widgets: Over 10 multi-event and 5+ speaker widgets cater to different event types and speaker profiles, enhancing the website’s interactivity and user engagement.
  2. RTL Language Support: This feature ensures the plugin can be used effectively in right-to-left languages, broadening its applicability.
  3. Single Event Widgets and Invoice Options: Includes widgets for single events and options to print and download invoices, adding to its utility.
  4. Elementor Widgets Support: Fully compatible with Elementor, providing a range of widgets for seamless integration into your website’s design.
  5. Attendee Management: A robust system for managing event attendees, crucial for large-scale events.
  6. Zoom Integration: Facilitates easy integration with Zoom for online events, streamlining the process of hosting webinars or virtual meetings.
  7. Trendy Multi Repeater Schedule: Allows for the creation of dynamic event schedules, enhancing the attendee experience.
  8. Speaker Listing and Management: Features multi-speaker functionality and dedicated pages for speaker profiles, offering a comprehensive overview of event speakers.
  9. Event and Speaker Templates: Multiple templates for both events and speakers ensure a varied and engaging user experience.
  10. WooCommerce Payment System: Integrates with WooCommerce for efficient event ticketing and payment processing.

Event Features

  • Unlimited FAQs: Add as many FAQs as needed for each event, providing attendees with essential information.
  • Customizable Event Banners: Offers options for color or custom image backgrounds for event banners.
  • Enhanced Event Dashboard: An improved dashboard with data, search, and sorting options.
  • User Notifications: Automated notifications to inform users about upcoming events.
  • Event Registration Counter: Display a counter on the event registration page.

Speaker Features

  • Personal Portfolio URLs: Allows speakers to provide their website URLs, enhancing their profile.
  • Multiple Speaker Templates: Various templates for speaker profiles offer flexibility and a better user experience.

Reports Features

  • Attendee List and Export: View and export event-specific attendee lists.
  • Purchase History Reports: Detailed reports on ticket sales, including data on sold and remaining tickets.

Elementor Widgets

  • Various Organizers and Speakers Widgets: Multiple templates for organizers and speakers, adding versatility to your site.
  • Event Countdown Widget: A handy widget for counting down to the event start.
  • Schedule Widgets: Multiple templates for schedule lists and tabs, ensuring easy schedule display and navigation.

Download Event Manager WordPress Plugin + Addons

The Event Manager WordPress Plugin is a versatile and powerful tool for anyone looking to streamline their event management process. Its extensive range of features, combined with ease of use and integration capabilities, makes it an invaluable asset for event organizers. Whether it’s a small webinar or a large conference, this plugin offers the tools and flexibility needed to create successful and memorable events. With its focus on user experience, both for the organizer and the attendees, the Event Manager WordPress Plugin Free Download sets a new standard in event management and organization within the WordPress ecosystem.


FREE 3.3.52 AND PRO 3.3.44 ( FEB 28, 2024 )

Fix : Event end date not showing in event ticket issue fixed
Fix : Optimized flush rewrite rules
New : Eventin AI intregation
Fix : WC deposit not working with eventin
Fix : Event ticket scanner breaking Unicode characters issue fixed
Tweak : Event extra field checkbox link tag support added

FREE 3.3.51 AND PRO 3.3.43 ( FEB 08, 2024 )

Tweak : All the calendar widgets and shortcodes are optimized for better design and performance. Fix : Default timezone set for event meta value. Fix : FluentCRM contact not creating issue fixed Fix : Safari browser certificate generation issue fixed Fix : Removed maxLength input limit for FAQ content Fix : FAQ content context updated after event has been created. Tweak : All the calendar widgets and shortcodes are optimized for better design and performance.

FREE 3.3.41 AND PRO 3.3.35 ( OCT 25, 2023 )
Fix : Event timezone fix
Fix : Recurring event price issue
Fix : Order again button pricing issue
Fix : Gutenberg header footer compatibility
Fix : Gutenberg header footer compatibility

FREE 3.3.40 AND PRO 3.3.34 ( OCT 23, 2023 )
Fix : Decimal operator issue fixed
Fix : Related post waring issue fixed
Fix : HTTP API Calls issue fixed
Fix : Timezone issue in date-time details in cart, checkout & invoice
FREE 3.3.39 AND PRO 3.3.33 ( OCT 11, 2023 )
Tweak : Improved PHP 8 support
Fix : Filter sanitize issue resolved
New : Archive event page sorting ASC/DESC option addition
New : Event calendar WPML support
Fix : Show only selected category listed events on the calendar
Tweak : disable ‘Undo’ option after removing item from cart
Tweak : Improved PHP 8 support
Fix : Filter sanitize issue resolved
FREE 3.3.37 AND PRO 3.3.32 ( SEPT 19, 2023 )
Tweak : Admin Settings UX update
Tweak : Event Meta Settings UX update
Tweak : Speaker Meta Settings Update
Tweak : Schedule Meta Settings Update
Tweak : Admin Settings UX update
Tweak : Event Meta Settings UX update
Tweak : Speaker Meta Settings Update
Tweak : Schedule Meta Settings Update

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