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Events, whether physical or virtual, are gatherings filled with potential. They promise learning, networking, entertainment, and experiences that attendees will cherish. But the magic doesn’t just happen; it’s curated meticulously. One crucial aspect of this curation is ticketing. Enter: Event Tickets Plus Nulled – a powerful tool that promises not just ticketing but an enhanced event experience.

Decoding Event Tickets Plus

In today’s digital age, where events can range from intimate workshops to grand virtual summits, the tools we use to manage them need to be flexible, efficient, and user-friendly. Event Tickets Plus emerges as a robust solution for WordPress users, harmoniously integrating with The Events Calendar. Together, they create a seamless bridge between event creation and ticket sales.

Features That Elevate the Event Experience

Customizable Ticketing

One size doesn’t fit all. Event Tickets Plus recognizes this, offering customizable ticketing options. Whether you’re hosting a free webinar or a premium masterclass, you can tailor your tickets to fit the event’s nature.

RSVPs Made Simple

Gather responses without fuss. Attendees can RSVP to events directly from the event post, making it convenient for them and giving organizers a clear headcount.

WooCommerce Integration

Monetizing events becomes a cakewalk with Event Tickets Plus, thanks to its seamless integration with WooCommerce. Sell tickets, offer discounts, or set up unique pricing tiers, all while utilizing the powerful features of WooCommerce.

QR Code Check-in

Say goodbye to long queues and hello to quick, hassle-free check-ins. With the QR code feature, attendees can swiftly get scanned in, ensuring a smooth entry and a great first impression.

Advanced Custom Fields

Want to gather more information about your attendees? Whether it’s dietary preferences for a gala dinner or t-shirt sizes for a workshop, custom fields allow you to collect the data you need.

Global Stock Management

Overbooking is a nightmare every event organizer fears. With Event Tickets Plus, you can manage ticket stock across multiple events, ensuring that you never sell more than you can accommodate.

Diverse Payment Options

Give your attendees the convenience of choice. With multiple payment gateways, attendees can choose their preferred mode of payment, making the ticket buying experience frictionless.

Streamlined E-commerce Flow

The direct integration with e-commerce plugins ensures that the ticket purchasing process is as intuitive as shopping online. No convoluted steps, no redirects; just a smooth journey from event discovery to ticket possession.

Mobile Optimized

In our mobile-first world, an optimized experience for smartphone users is paramount. Event Tickets Plus is designed with mobile users in mind, ensuring that they enjoy a seamless experience, be it browsing events or purchasing tickets.

Tailored Email Confirmations

Communication is key. Post-purchase, attendees receive tailored email confirmations with all the essential event details, ensuring they’re well-informed and excited about the upcoming event.

A Grand Finale

The success of an event isn’t solely dependent on what happens during the event itself. It starts way before, from the moment a potential attendee discovers your event, to when they decide to purchase a ticket. This entire journey needs to be as memorable as the event.

Event Tickets Plus Free Download isn’t just a ticketing solution; it’s an experience enhancer. With its myriad features, it ensures that both the organizer’s and the attendee’s journey is smooth, efficient, and enjoyable. The tool reimagines ticketing, taking it from a mere transactional process to an integral part of the event experience.

In conclusion, if you’re on the lookout for a holistic solution that bridges the gap between event management and ticketing seamlessly, Event Tickets Plus is your answer. Embrace it, and transform your events into memorable experiences that attendees will rave about!


Event Tickets Plus 5.9.2


Maintenance Release

The latest version of Event Tickets Plus introduces several fixes and tweaks.

As always, we recommend testing updates on a staging site first, but it should all be smooth sailing.

✨ Features

New features

  • Support per Event attendance for Series Pass Attendees for manual and app based check-ins.

🗣 Translations

Updated language files and strings:

  • 0 new strings added
  • 32 updated
  • 0 fuzzied
  • 0 obsoleted

Event Tickets Plus 5.9.1


Maintenance Release

The latest version of Event Tickets Plus introduces several fixes and tweaks.

As always, we recommend testing updates on a staging site first, but it should all be smooth sailing.

Note: This release includes some minor security updates related to a broken access control vulnerability. You can read more about what this means for our users in our blog post.

✅ Fixed

Bugs that were squashed in this release:

  • Sort the attendees the same as they were entered for WooCommerce orders.
  • Sort the attendees the same as they were entered for Easy Digital Download orders.
  • Update usage of `method_exists()` to comply with PHP 8.1 standards.
  • Show re-send ticket email checkbox when updating attendee email on the My Tickets page.
  • Ticket is removed now when using the delete option
  • Resolve edge case usages for Shortcode with Attendees Listing.

✨ Tweaks

New tweaks in this release:

  • Event Tickets Plus is now compatible with WooCommerce High-Performance Order Storage (HPOS).
  • Added filter: `tec_tickets_get_field_meta_for_attendee`.

🗣 Translations

Updated language files and strings:

  • 2 new strings added
  • 21 updated
  • 0 fuzzied
  • 0 obsoleted


Maintenance Release

The latest update resolves several PHP 8.2 deprecation warnings, WPML metabox on events, more 6.0 compatibility updates for the ORM and more.

As always, we recommend testing updates on a staging site first, but it should all be smooth sailing.

Events Calendar Pro 6.3.1 is only compatible with The Events Calendar 6.3.1 and higher.

✨ New

New features included in this release:

  • Updating to be compatible with the new Trash Old Events frequency option structure in The Events Calendar.

✅ Fixed

Bugs that were squashed in this release:

  • PHP 8.2 deprecation errors, PHP Deprecated: strip_tags(): Passing null to parameter #1 ($string) of type string is deprecated in /.../wp-admin/admin-header.php on line 36. – and others.
  • WPML translation metabox was failing to load on the Edit Events page when Events Pro was active.
  • Updating validation error reporting API.
  • Handles a post ID to a recurring event when doing a delete with the ORM like so tribe_events()->where('id', 123 )->delete();. Previously it would convert to an occurrence and not delete the whole recurring event.
  • Ensure the Recurring Event Description field that has been deprecated and removed no longer shows on the Event edit screen.

⚙️ Developers

New or updated hooks:

  • New hooks: tribe_repository_events_before_delete and tec_events_pro_show_recurrence_description.

🗣 Translations

Updated language files, strings:

  • 2 new strings added.
  • 0 updated.
  • 0 fuzzied.
  • 0 obsoleted.

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