JetEngine v3.4.0 Nulled + External Modules – WordPress Dynamic Content Plugin for Elementor, Gutenberg, and Bricks

WordPress, the web’s most popular Content Management System (CMS), offers vast customization opportunities with an array of plugins, empowering you to build websites that perfectly fit your vision. Among these plugins, one exceptionally robust and feature-rich tool stands out: JetEngine, created by the innovative team at Crocoblock.

JetEngine Nulled is an essential tool for both beginners and advanced developers looking to design dynamic websites without coding. In this overview, we’ll delve into the capabilities of JetEngine, discussing its comprehensive features, and why it might be your perfect solution for WordPress website development.

JetEngine: An Overview

JetEngine is a WordPress plugin specifically designed for Elementor, offering the capability to create custom post types, custom taxonomies, and metadata. It brings an unprecedented level of control over your website, allowing you to design dynamic pages, listings, and forms that would otherwise require extensive coding.

This plugin serves as an essential tool in the developer’s arsenal, unlocking new realms of creativity while maintaining website performance. Whether you’re a professional developer or a DIY entrepreneur building your website, JetEngine provides the functionality to make your vision come to life.

Key Features

Dynamic Content

JetEngine allows users to create dynamic content, which can automatically update based on certain conditions. This includes listing grids, which can display blog posts, products, testimonials, or any other custom post type.

Custom Post Types and Taxonomies

The plugin allows the creation of custom post types and taxonomies. Whether you want to add a new section to your website like “Testimonials,” “Projects,” or “Services,” JetEngine makes it easy and intuitive.

Custom Fields

With JetEngine, you can add custom fields to any post types, letting you store additional information about your posts. This can be especially useful for eCommerce stores or portfolio sites where additional details about products or projects can be essential.

Dynamic Forms

JetEngine’s Dynamic Forms feature is an excellent tool for creating forms that users can fill out on your website. From simple contact forms to complex user registration or submission forms, JetEngine can handle it all.

Dynamic Widgets

Dynamic Widgets by JetEngine Free Download allow you to create widgets that display different content based on set conditions. This can be particularly useful for personalizing the user experience on your website.

Advanced Listing Grids

With JetEngine, you can create advanced listing grids with custom layouts and designs. You can display posts, products, or custom post types in a grid format that’s tailored to your specific needs.

Query Builder

The Query Builder feature allows you to create complex queries for your listing items, including selecting what content to display, filtering by custom fields or taxonomies, and defining the order of the displayed items.

Front-end User Content Submission

The plugin provides the functionality to allow users to submit content from the front-end. You can create forms for user-generated content, including reviews, blog posts, and more.

Download JetEngine WordPress Plugin

In the world of WordPress plugins, JetEngine shines. It’s a flexible, powerful tool that simplifies dynamic content creation. With features such as custom post types and fields, dynamic widgets, and forms, it covers all bases for website development.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, JetEngine can customize your WordPress site like no other. It enhances the user experience and boosts your site management efficiency. Plus, it eliminates the need for complex coding.

Want to explore endless possibilities? Try JetEngine. It can transform your WordPress website in a unique and exciting way.


JetEngine 3.4.0

February 29, 2024

  • ADD: Query Builder: Allow to show query results in the Rest API;
  • ADD: Data Stores: User IP store type;
  • ADD: Iconpicker meta field type: allow to select icons library;
  • ADD: Query Builder: Allow to filter queries on the Query Builder admin page;
  • ADD: Map Listings: Allow to preload coordinates for string address for any custom fields, not just JetEngine;
  • ADD: Advanced Date meta field type: Allow to select time;
  • ADD: Advanced Date meta filed type: Allow to set list of dates manually, not just by recurrence rules;
  • ADD: Bricks: Add CCT tokens to Bricks dynamic tokens UI;
  • ADD: Profile Builder: Allow to use Bricks templates as profile pages sources;
  • ADD: Profile Builder: Allow to create profile page template directly from Profile Builder settings page;
  • FIX: Bricks: Correctly process multiple query loops on the page when using JetEngine Query Builder queries;
  • FIX: Bricks: Correctly set current object for query loop.

JetEngine 3.3.6

February 15, 2024

  • UPD: Maps Listings: Compatibility with Borlabs Cookie v3;
  • UPD: Query Builder: Better UX for Dynamic Args popup;
  • FIX: Query Builder: Ensure we correctly set array-only query arguments on filtering;
  • FIX: SmartFilters Compatibility: Date Period filter & Date query;
  • FIX: Dynamic Link: Add to Cart and Permalink WooCommerce sources not taking context;
  • FIX: Bricks: Can’t show the image as the background of the listing;
  • FIX: Bricks: Profile sub page styles loading;
  • FIX: Dynamic Visibility: Handle decimal values;
  • FIX: Data Stores: Adds to store more than 1 time, if click too fast;
  • FIX: JetEngine Forms (Legacy): Clean form action URL before print;
  • FIX: Meta Fields: Clearing meta fields in WC Product Data Panel;
  • FIX: CCT: Correctly process permissions for Delete Rest API endpoint;
  • FIX: Maps Listings: Prevent error in Map field with enabled Show in Rest API.

JetEngine 3.3.5

January 30, 2024

  • ADD: Cluster Max Zoom and Cluster Radius settings for Map Listing;
  • ADD: An ability to show dynamic popup for repeater query in Calendar;
  • FIX: Only products in paid order display for purchised products macros;
  • FIX: Positioning added Options pages in the admin menu;
  • FIX: Removal of related items doesn’t synch in different languages;
  • FIX: Option page for CCT gives 404 error;
  • FIX: Empty columns dropdown in SQL query;
  • FIX: 504 error in some cases;
  • FIX: Issue with OpenStreetMap coordinates in Map meta field;
  • FIX: Repeater items duplicates in Dynamic Calendar;
  • FIX: Problem with Bricks condition in Dynamic Calendar;
  • FIX: Display Dynamic Field content in the Bricks template;
  • FIX: Reset radius in Location and Distance filter when address is reset.

JetEngine 3.3.4

January 16, 2024

  • FIX: Prevent error if Elementor is not installed;
  • FIX: Query result count for Dynamic Visibility in gutenberg does not work;
  • FIX: Prevent deprecated notic on PHP 8+;
  • FIX: Sorting filters not working with CCT Dynamic Table/CCT listing custom query;
  • FIX: Filters with Maps listing and CCT Query;
  • FIX: PHP error when using a Query Results Macro in Blocks editor;
  • FIX: Error when use Location&Distance in some cases;
  • FIX: Brick Builder: Query loop conflict;
  • FIX: Related items table UI;
  • FIX: Bricks: setting background color dynamically from the colorpicker meta field does not work;
  • FIX: Advanced date field is not displayed properly on large number of iterations;
  • FIX: Can’t update CCT posts meta field via REST API if is multiple is enabled.

JetEngine 3.3.3

January 2, 2024

  • ADD: Dynamic Terms widget for Bricks editor;
  • ADD: Default value to the color picker field;
  • UPD: Dynamic CSS of Listing Item refactoring;
  • UPD: Cache Related items query during the single request to avoid SQL queries duplicating;
  • FIX: Listing Grid. When lazy load is enabled, the listing disappears;
  • FIX: Placeholder for relation meta based on qurey builder does not work;
  • FIX: Profile Builder. Profile Menu – Single User Page in Blocks editor;
  • FIX: Get users from store item macro;
  • FIX: Conditions of meta field does not work for bulk inputted values;
  • FIX: Custom meta field for Pages causes PHP error;
  • FIX: Order by not working for a Query Builder of type SQL/AI Query.

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