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Digital platforms have undergone a paradigm shift, with user-centric design and comprehensive functionality playing pivotal roles.Listeo Directory & Listings With Booking WordPress Free Download, a WordPress theme designed to transcend traditional boundaries. Combining the prowess of a front-end user dashboard, a sophisticated booking system, and myriad other captivating features, Listeo presents itself as a holistic solution for creating directory and listings websites. Whether you’re aiming for the next Yelp, Airbnb, or Etsy, Listeo can pave the way.

Creating a successful digital marketplace or directory is no mean feat. It requires a fine balance of user-friendly interfaces, robust functionalities, and adaptable features. Listeo Directory & Listings With Booking WordPress Nulled, with its amalgamation of all these elements, offers a seamless solution to launch platforms that are not just visually appealing but also functional powerhouses.

Diving into Listeo’s Feature Set

  1. Front-end User Dashboard: Gone are the days when users had to grapple with back-end complexities. Listeo Free Download provides a user-friendly front-end dashboard, allowing users to manage listings, bookings, and profiles without any hassle.
  2. Built-in Booking System: Whether it’s for a hotel, event, or a service, Listeo’s integrated booking system streamlines the process. It ensures users can easily book and vendors can efficiently manage these bookings.
  3. Multi-Vendor Marketplace: Creating a platform like Etsy requires a system where multiple vendors can coexist, each managing their storefront. Listeo’s multi-vendor marketplace functionality ensures a harmonious yet independent ecosystem for vendors.
  4. Private Messaging: Communication is the cornerstone of any successful platform. Listeo’s private messaging system ensures seamless communication between vendors and customers, fostering trust and transparency.
  5. Directory & Classifieds Combined: Whether you aim to build a comprehensive directory like Yelp or a classifieds platform akin to Gumtree, Listeo has got you covered. Its versatile design caters to both functionalities with finesse.
  6. Adaptable to Numerous Niches: From travel booking platforms reminiscent of Airbnb to classifieds like OLX, Listeo’s adaptability is its strength. Its design and features can mold to various niches, ensuring a tailored experience.
  7. Easy Customization: While Listeo is packed with features, it doesn’t compromise on customization. Users can effortlessly tweak its design and functionality to resonate with their brand’s ethos.

Download Listeo WordPress Theme

Beyond its tangible features, Listeo’s philosophy is what sets it apart. It recognizes the evolving needs of the digital marketplace and offers solutions that aren’t just about today but also about tomorrow. Every element, from its design to its features, has been crafted keeping in mind the end user, ensuring an experience that’s both enriching and engaging.

WordPress themes, Listeo emerges as a beacon for those seeking to create impactful directory and listings platforms. It’s not just a theme; it’s a comprehensive solution that understands the intricacies of building a successful platform.

Listeo Nulled exemplifies how a perfect blend of design and functionality can lead to digital masterpieces. It promises not just a theme, but a journey – from ideation to realization of a platform that can rival the likes of Airbnb, Yelp, or Etsy. For creators and entrepreneurs looking to leave an indelible mark in the digital directory and listings space, Listeo presents itself as the perfect ally. Embark on your digital venture, and let Listeo be the wind beneath your wings.


Version 1.9.40

  • NEWNew homepage design with new widgetss (reviews carousel, new icon boxes, new taxonomy layouts & more)
  • NEWNew header with search form and sliding menu Demo
  • NEWAverage rating filter Demo
  • NEWNew dropdown in search forms (more user friendly multi select) Demo
  • NEWLayout width extended to 1360px for devices with higher screen resolution
  • NEWSMS notifications (expiring booking, new booking, payments etc.) – integration with Twilio (more providers soon)
  • FIXUpdate for currency position on Classified ads
  • FIXFix for classifieds category archive pagination
  • FIXFix for date event end to not allow it to be before the start of event
  • FIXFix for a bug with minimum days option being skipped if date cookies are not set
  • FIXFix for Listeo Core admin panel on PHP 8.x
  • FIXFix for price calculation if the price format had a dot
  • FIXFix for payments set as “cash on delivery”
  • FIXReviews “Add photo” option allows webp images now
  • FIXFix for unclosed div tag on some search forms configuration that could break Elementor widgets
  • FIXFix for login form loading wrong form in some cases
  • FIXFix for number format in paypal payouts
  • FIXFix for “billing_country” default value in Booking Form
  • FIXFix for “fake bookmark” if no bookmarks are added
  • FIXFix for Calendar View in Booking showing user data even if it’s locked only to paid bookings
  • FIXAdded guest info in “My Bookings” list and owner info in “Bookings” list
  • FIXFix for “file” type field value if set as required field
  • FIXFix for checkboxes list in search form if some elements are preselected
  • FIXSocial links are now hidden on expired listings
  • FIXFixed icons for Listeo Elementor widgets
  • FIXFixed for some Dokan categories showing even if they are disabled in Listeo Core -> Dokan
  • FIXFix for listing package subscriptions showing in shop page
  • FIXOther minor fixes and improvements

Version 1.9.33

  • FIXFix for updating order meta fields when creating order for booking
  • FIXDokan Stripe Payment gateway is now hidden on Booking payment form

Version 1.9.32

  • NEWNew option in Listeo Core -> General to set custom currency symbol
  • FIXFix for booking process if the related listeo booking product was not created before or removed
  • FIXFix for Mandatory Fees field in Listeo Editor
  • FIXFix for Stripe Connect Express account, it no longer uses oAuth for onboarding as it was deprecated ( )

Version 1.9.31

  • FIXFix for grid gallery if gallery is not set
  • FIXFix for maps error if there’s any SVG icon with the same map id
  • FIXFix for html code in booking notice
  • FIXFix for missing “End hour” field in Fields Editor

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