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Nokri Job Board WordPress Theme Nulled is a sophisticated and versatile solution designed to meet the needs of job portals, recruitment agencies, and human resource management websites. This theme offers a comprehensive suite of tools and features that streamline the process of job listing, job searching, and application management. This review delves into the various aspects of the Nokri theme, providing insights into its functionality, user experience, and overall impact on job-related websites.

Nokri Nulled is a dedicated WordPress theme crafted for creating professional, efficient, and user-friendly job board websites. It is well-suited for recruitment agencies, corporate HR departments, and independent job portal websites. The theme is designed with a focus on ease of navigation, robust functionality, and a sleek, modern interface.

Overview of the Theme

Nokri provides a clean and intuitive design that enhances the user experience for both job seekers and employers. Its responsive layout ensures optimal performance on various devices, from desktop computers to mobile phones, catering to the diverse browsing habits of today’s job market.

Features of Nokri Job Board WordPress Theme

  1. Advanced Job Search Functionality: Nokri includes a powerful job search engine, allowing candidates to filter job listings by keywords, location, category, and other criteria.
  2. Employer and Candidate Dashboards: The theme offers separate dashboards for employers and candidates, enabling them to manage job postings, applications, and profiles efficiently.
  3. Job Application Management: Employers can receive and manage job applications directly through the website, streamlining the recruitment process.
  4. Resume Builder and Management: Candidates can create and manage their resumes directly on the site, making it easier to apply for jobs and update their information.
  5. Customizable Job Listing and Submission: Nokri allows for the customization of job listing formats and submission processes to meet the specific needs of different industries and companies.
  6. Email Notifications and Alerts: The theme supports automated email notifications and alerts for both employers and job seekers, keeping them informed about job applications, new job postings, and other relevant updates.
  7. SEO Optimization: Nokri is optimized for search engines, enhancing the visibility of job listings and attracting more traffic to the site.
  8. Paid Listing and Package System: The theme includes a system for paid job listings and packages, providing a revenue generation avenue for job board operators.
  9. Social Media Integration: Nokri supports integration with social media platforms, enabling easy sharing of job listings and increased engagement.
  10. Multi-Language and RTL Support: The theme is designed to support multiple languages and right-to-left (RTL) text, making it accessible to a global audience.

User Experience and Performance

Nokri places a strong emphasis on user experience. The theme’s intuitive design and navigation make it easy for users to find and apply for jobs or post new vacancies. It is optimized for speed and performance, ensuring quick loading times and a smooth browsing experience.

Customization and Flexibility

Nokri offers extensive customization options, allowing job board operators to tailor the website to their specific branding and functional requirements. The theme is compatible with popular page builders, offering further flexibility in design and layout.

Integration and Compatibility

As a WordPress theme, Nokri integrates seamlessly with a wide range of plugins and tools, enhancing its functionality. This includes compatibility with WooCommerce for payment processing, various SEO tools for improved search rankings, and many other WordPress plugins.

Nokri Job Board WordPress Theme Free Download emerges as a comprehensive and effective solution for anyone looking to create a professional job board website. Its blend of powerful features, user-friendly design, and customization options makes it a top choice in the market. The theme’s focus on advanced job search functionality, efficient application management, and revenue generation opportunities positions it as a versatile and robust platform for job portals and recruitment agencies. With Nokri, creating and managing a job board website becomes a streamlined and efficient process, ensuring a high-quality experience for both employers and job seekers.


Updates: v 1.5.7 —- February 14th, 2024

Updated All the theme plugins.


1 – Fixed Admin is Unable to Delete the Attachements form Library.
2 – Fixed Crone Job Issues.
3 – Fixed Employer E-Mail sending is not Working.
4 – Fixed E-Mail issues for Candidate.
5 – Fixed Mobile Filter option is not Working at Candidate Search page.
6 – Fixed Nokri Rest API Plugin Issues.
7 – Fixed Job Post option Issues.
8 – Fixed Map Issues.
Updates: v 1.5.6 —- November 24th, 2023

1- Updated compatibility with WooCommerce version 8.2.2
2- Updated compatibility with WPBakery version 7.2
3- All other plugins updated
4- Added the latest Elementor compatibility


1- Portfolio video display issue on the profile page.
2- Fixed resume download view.
3- Fixed Nokri Elementor Update notice issue.
4- Search page view on the mobile view.
Updates: v 1.5.5 —- November 9th, 2023
1- Updated WordPress version 6.4
2- Updated compatibility with WooCommerce version 8.2.2
3- Updated compatibility with WPBakery version 7.1
4- All other plugins updated
5- Added latest Elementor compatibility

1- Application Deadline issue on the Jobs details page.
2- Fixed Locations’ positions not showing correctly.
3- Shop shows the Nokri page with shop products.
4- Product details page issue.

1- Email is send to admin when an employer is hired any candidate with on/off theme option.
2- Add a Menu page in the admin panel that shows all Hired Candidates to Admin.
3- Menu page has a table of all Hired candidates and Admin can send invoice to Hired candidates.

Updates: v 1.5.4 —- August 30th, 2023

1- Updated WordPress version 6.3
2- Updated compatibility with Elementor version 3.15.2
3- Updated compatibility with WooCommerce version 8.0.1
4- Updated compatibility with WPBakery version 7.0

1- Applying for the job without login shows the wrong error message instead of please login first.
2- Displayed call to action shortcodes button.
3- The submit button issue is fixed on the Contact Us page.
4- Apply with LinkedIn, with and without login issue fixed.
5- When selecting a package from the pricing page, the issue of no redirection to the cart page is fixed.
6- The admin top bar option works opposite (Turning on Hide, the top bar turns off Show, the top bar) issue is fixed.
7- While posting a job, the tag separated with a coma not working issue fixed.
8- Search for remote job opportunities using the new “Remote Job” widget added to the search page sidebar.

1- Add a separate work remotely widget.

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