v2.4.0 Order Tags WooCommerce Free Download

Order Tags WooCommerce Nulled is a dynamic and versatile plugin designed to enhance order management and organization within WooCommerce, the popular eCommerce platform for WordPress. This innovative tool allows store owners to assign tags to orders, streamlining the sorting, filtering, and tracking processes.

Effective order management is crucial for the success of any eCommerce business. WooCommerce Order Tags addresses this need by offering a simple yet powerful solution for categorizing and managing orders. This plugin is especially useful for businesses dealing with a high volume of orders or those requiring advanced order sorting and tracking capabilities.


Order Tags WooCommerce Nulled is specifically developed to integrate seamlessly with the WooCommerce platform. It introduces the functionality of tagging orders, akin to labeling emails in an inbox. This approach simplifies the process of organizing, searching, and managing orders, making the workflow more efficient for store administrators. The plugin is suitable for a range of eCommerce businesses, from small online shops to large-scale online retailers.


The plugin comes equipped with a variety of features designed to enhance the order management process:

  • Custom Order Tags: Users can create custom tags to label orders based on their status, type, priority, or any other classification relevant to their business.
  • Easy Tag Assignment: Tags can be easily assigned to orders manually or automatically based on predefined criteria.
  • Filter and Sort Orders: The plugin allows for the filtering and sorting of orders based on assigned tags, streamlining the search and management process.
  • Color-Coded Tags: Tags can be color-coded for quick visual identification, improving the ease of order management.
  • Bulk Tagging: It supports bulk tagging of orders, saving time and effort for large-scale operations.
  • Tag Management Dashboard: A dedicated dashboard for managing tags enables users to create, edit, and organize tags efficiently.

Advanced Functionalities

In addition to its core features, WooCommerce Order Tags offers advanced functionalities to cater to diverse eCommerce needs:

  • Automated Tagging Rules: Users can set rules for automated tagging, where orders are tagged based on specific criteria such as order value, customer location, or product type.
  • Integration with Other Plugins: The plugin integrates well with other WooCommerce extensions and plugins, offering a cohesive and streamlined experience.
  • Order Tracking: Enhanced order tracking is facilitated through tags, allowing for quick status updates and prioritization.
  • User Role Restrictions: The plugin can restrict tag access based on user roles, ensuring that only authorized personnel can modify or assign tags.
  • Customizable Tag Icons: Custom icons can be assigned to tags for a more personalized and intuitive management interface.
  • Reporting and Analytics: It supports reporting and analytics based on tags, providing insights into order patterns and trends.

Order Tags WooCommerce Free Download is an essential tool for any WooCommerce store looking to improve its order management and organizational efficiency. Its ability to categorize and filter orders through custom tags not only streamlines the administrative process but also enhances the overall operational workflow.

In the competitive world of eCommerce, where efficient order processing and customer satisfaction are key, WooCommerce Order Tags stands out as a solution that adds significant value to an online store. It empowers store owners and managers to handle orders more effectively, ensuring that every customer interaction is as smooth and efficient as possible. With its user-friendly interface, customization options, and robust functionality, WooCommerce Order Tags is more than just a plugin; it’s a strategic asset for any WooCommerce-powered online business.

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