v2.10.3 PublishPress Checklists Pro Free Download

PublishPress Checklists Pro Nulled is a revolutionary WordPress plugin designed to streamline and enhance the content publishing process. Ideal for bloggers, editors, and content managers, this plugin provides a robust system to ensure content meets specific standards and guidelines before going live. It’s a must-have tool for maintaining consistency and quality in content creation and publication.

Quality control is crucial in the world of digital content, where every detail counts towards creating a compelling and reliable online presence. PublishPress Checklists Pro addresses this need by offering a customizable and automated checklist system. This plugin helps content creators and managers ensure that all published material adheres to their established standards, improving overall content quality and consistency.


PublishPress Checklists Pro Nulled builds upon the functionality of the free version by adding more flexibility and advanced features. It enables users to set up detailed checklists for posts, pages, and custom post types in WordPress. These checklists can include a wide range of criteria, from SEO optimization to readability scores, ensuring that each piece of content is thoroughly vetted before publication.

Key Features

  1. Customizable Checklists: Users can create and customize checklists with specific criteria that content must meet before being published or updated.
  2. Automated Checks: The plugin can automatically check for certain criteria, such as word count, keyword usage, or the presence of featured images.
  3. Pre-Publish Checks: PublishPress Checklists Pro enforces the completion of all checklist tasks before content can be published, ensuring adherence to quality standards.
  4. Integration with SEO Plugins: The plugin integrates with popular SEO plugins to include SEO-specific checks, enhancing the optimization of content.
  5. User Role Management: Administrators can set different checklist rules for different user roles, tailoring the checks to the expertise and responsibilities of each team member.
  6. Custom Post Type Support: Checklists can be applied to various types of content, including posts, pages, and custom post types.
  7. Flexible Configuration Options: Users have the flexibility to decide which checklist items are mandatory and which are recommended, customizing the stringency of their quality control.
  8. Multimedia Content Checks: The plugin can check for the presence and proper usage of multimedia content, such as images and videos, in posts.
  9. Readability and Length Checks: Criteria can include checks for readability scores and content length, ensuring content is user-friendly and comprehensive.
  10. Progress Tracking: The plugin provides a visual representation of checklist completion, allowing authors and editors to easily track progress.

User Experience

PublishPress Checklists Pro is designed to enhance the user experience for both content creators and website administrators. For content creators, the plugin serves as a guide, ensuring all necessary criteria are met before publication, which helps in maintaining a high standard of content. The automated checks and visual progress indicators streamline the editing process, saving time and effort. For administrators and editors, the plugin ensures consistency in content quality and adherence to editorial standards across the board, simplifying content management and oversight.

PublishPress Checklists Pro Free Download is an invaluable tool for any WordPress site focused on content creation and publication. Its comprehensive set of features, combined with ease of use and customization, makes it a vital asset for maintaining high-quality standards in digital content. By implementing PublishPress Checklists Pro, websites can significantly enhance the consistency, quality, and effectiveness of their content, leading to a more professional and trustworthy online presence. In the competitive landscape of digital content, PublishPress Checklists Pro provides a straightforward and efficient solution for upholding excellence in content creation and publication.


= [2.10.3] – 24 Jan 2024 =

* Fixed: Uncaught RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded coming from gutenberg panel, #613
* Fixed: Image alt requirement HTTP request loop, #623
* Update: New Translation ES-FR-IT Updates, #615

= [2.10.2] – 15 Jan 2024 =

* Fixed: Fix issues with saving while editing post, #598
* Update: Re-Enable “Show Warning Icon” settings, #605
* Update: Update OpenAI tasks “Check now” button styles, #604
* Update: Small text update for OpenAI response, #603
* Update: Update Checklists sidebar items spacing, #600
* Fixed: The “publishpress-checklists-panel” plugin encountered error and cannot be rendered, #594
* Update: CheckLists Translation Updates 11 January 2024, #597

= [2.10.1] – 11 Jan 2024 =

* Fixed: 2.10.0 automatically updates posts while editing, #584
* Fixed: Featured image HTTP request loop, #585
* Update: Remove Show warning icon settings, #586

= [2.10.0] – 10 Jan 2024 =

* Feature: Add AI features to Checklists requirements, #541
* Update: Add Checklists gutenberg panel, #567
* Update: Remove “Define tasks that must be complete before content is published.”, #561
* Update: Checklists FREE v.2.9.1 Translation Updates ES-FR-IT, #554

= [2.9.1] – 30 Nov 2023 =

* Fixed: Checklist menu often missing on new installation, #524
* Fixed: HyperlinkValidator fails with URLs containing text fragments, #485
* Update: Block updates for posts with incomplete checklists, #303
* Fixed: Conflict with ACF custom field when creating new post, #506
* Fixed: Yoast SEO metabox error when creating new woocommerce product, #505
* Fixed: Warning: Undefined array key “HTTP_REFERER” in checklists, #411
* Update: Only disable Status in quick edit for checklists enabled post types, #536
* Fixed: Featured Image Height and Width checks fail for Authors / Contributors, #486
* Fixed: “Featured Image Size” requirement fails if you do not have the “edit_other_posts” capability, #523

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