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E-commerce has seen a meteoric rise in the digital age, with WooCommerce emerging as a key player in this domain. As businesses grow and scale, the need for efficient and automated solutions becomes paramount. Enter ShopMagic, an innovative plugin crafted to enhance and simplify your WooCommerce operations.

ShopMagic Nulled seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce, offering a suite of features designed to optimize your online store’s functionality. It’s not merely a tool; it’s a complete system that brings automation, communication, and efficiency to the forefront, ensuring that both the business and its customers benefit. By addressing key challenges faced by online retailers and providing solutions that are intuitive and effective, ShopMagic stands out as an indispensable companion for every WooCommerce store.


Automated Workflows

Time is of the essence in e-commerce. ShopMagic introduces automated workflows that trigger based on specific events, such as order placement or customer registration. This automation not only reduces manual interventions but also ensures timely actions, enhancing user experience.

Personalized Communication

Communication is pivotal in retaining and engaging customers. ShopMagic allows for personalized emails to be sent based on customer actions. Whether it’s a thank-you note post-purchase, a cart abandonment reminder, or a product recommendation, these personalized communications can significantly improve conversion rates.

Dynamic Content

ShopMagic for WooCommerce Nulled supports dynamic content within emails. This means details like customer name, order specifics, or product details can be automatically populated, ensuring each communication is relevant and tailored.

Filtering Conditions

Not every action warrants a response. ShopMagic’s advanced filtering conditions allow businesses to define specific conditions under which an automated workflow will be triggered. This ensures that communications and actions are always contextually appropriate.

Extendable with Add-ons

The base ShopMagic plugin can be further enhanced with a range of available add-ons. These extensions cater to specific needs, such as sending SMS notifications, integrating with Mailchimp, or managing subscriptions, making ShopMagic a truly versatile tool.

Delayed Actions

It’s not always ideal to trigger an action immediately. ShopMagic recognizes this and offers delayed actions, allowing businesses to define a waiting period before a particular workflow is activated. This can be particularly useful for follow-up emails or feedback requests.

Activity Log

Transparency and monitoring are key to effective management. ShopMagic provides a comprehensive activity log, giving businesses an overview of all triggered workflows, their status, and any potential errors, ensuring everything is running smoothly.

Easy-to-use Interface

While ShopMagic is feature-rich, it doesn’t overwhelm. The plugin boasts an intuitive interface that even those new to WooCommerce can navigate with ease.

Optimized for Performance

E-commerce platforms see a variety of activities, from browsing to purchase. ShopMagic is designed to be lightweight, ensuring that its operations do not hinder the site’s performance or speed.

Regular Updates & Support

The digital landscape is dynamic, and staying updated is crucial. The plugin rolls out regular updates to keep the plugin in sync with the latest e-commerce trends and WooCommerce versions. Moreover, a robust support system ensures any queries or challenges are promptly addressed.

Download ShopMagic for WooCommerce

ShopMagic for WooCommerce Free Download isn’t just another plugin; it actively transforms the modern e-commerce landscape. By directly addressing the challenges of running an online store, it offers straightforward and automated solutions. These solutions not only streamline tasks but also elevate every customer interaction.

In our fast-paced digital market, every detail matters. Engaging communication, swift actions, and efficient processes often sway a customer’s loyalty. ShopMagic equips businesses with the necessary tools to enhance these details, ensuring each interaction leaves a lasting impression.

If you run or are starting a WooCommerce store, you’ll find ShopMagic to be a valuable ally. By making processes simpler, improving communication, and offering unmatched flexibility, ShopMagic ensures you’re not just operating your e-commerce store but optimizing it. With ShopMagic, you can dive into a realm of simplified operations and superior customer journeys.


Addons Changelog

# ShopMagic Delayed Actions Changelog

## [3.1.9] – 2023-12-18
### Added

# ShopMagic Advanced Filters Changelog

## [2.1.7] – 2023-12-18
### Fixed
– Customer – Total Spent compatibility with High Performance Order Storage
– Customer – Customer Bought filter validity

## Changed
– Added support for WooCommerce 8.4.

*** ShopMagic Review Requests Changelog ***

## [2.7.10] – 2024-02-20
### Fixed
– Restored the possibility to overwrite templates for `order.products_ordered_links` and `order.products_ordered_review_links` from theme files.

### Changed
– Raised supported version of WooCommerce to 8.6.

# ShopMagic Slack Changelog

## [1.5.6] – 2023-12-18
### Added
– Support for WooCommerce 8.4

# ShopMagic Manual Actions Changelog

## [1.7.0] – 2024-02-05
### Added
– New API endpoint for matching sources for manual actions. This improves user experience with core ShopMagic in version 4.2.6.

### Changed
– Raised minimal required PHP version to 7.4.
– Raised minimal required WordPress version to 6.2.
– Added support for WooCommerce 8.5.

### Fixed
– Deprecation notice for matching manual actions’ sources.

# ShopMagic Customer Coupons Changelog

## [2.1.7] – 2023-12-18
### Added
– Support for WooCommerce 8.4

# ShopMagic WooCommerce Subscriptions Changelog

## [1.6.9] – 2023-12-18
### Added
– Support for WooCommerce 8.4

# ShopMagic for WooCommerce Memberships Changelog

## [1.5.8] – 2023-12-18
### Added
– Support for WooCommerce 8.4

# Shopmagic for Gravity Forms Changelog

## [2.0.9] – 2023-12-18
### Added
– Support for WooCommerce 8.4

# ShopMagic for WooCommerce Bookings Changelog

## [1.2.9] – 2023-12-21
### Added
– Support for WooCommerce 8.4

### Changed
– Raised minimal required WooCommerce Bookings version to 1.15.35

4.2.7 – 2024-02-07

  • Fixed fatal errors in cron jobs caused by attempt to intercept guest customer.

4.2.6 – 2024-02-05

  • Improve integration with ShopMagic Manual Actions. Manual action preview screen can now provide info about the count of failed matches and notify the user if there were none matches at all.
  • Added link to homepage for communication preferences management screen for guests signed up to marketing lists.
  • At WooCommerce guest checkout, when user’s email is changes, ShopMagic now accordingly updates the guest (visible on ShopMagic -> Guests admin page).

4.2.5 – 2024-01-11

  • Added support for WooCommerce 8.5.
  • With ShopMagic for Google Sheets, ShopMagic had an issue of presenting saved data in action edition screen regarding rows, which were meant to be send to spreadsheet. Now, loading action in admin view correctly displays the data.

4.2.4 – 2023-12-18

  • You are now able to select, which marketing list will be used in Customer Opted In and Customer Opted Out events.
  • Following Action Scheduler’s policy (which is a hard dependency for ShopMagic), changed last supported WordPress version to L-2 scheme. Dropped support for any WordPress version below 6.2.
  • Added support for WooCommerce 8.4.

4.2.2 – 2023-11-08

  • Improved reliability of manual actions PRO plugin processing with large amount of data.
  • Using wrong placeholders in automation no longer results in fatal error. Misused placeholders are ignored in automation flow and reported to logger.
  • Fixed recurrent cleaning of outcomes if settings option is enabled.
  • Added support for WooCommerce 8.3.
  • Added support for WordPress 6.4.

4.2.1 – 2023-09-21

  • Added sorting automations by name in admin view.
  • Added bulk action to export multiple automations from admin view.
  • Added support for WooCommerce 8.1.
  • Fixed using recipes shows error message, despite the recipe is correctly used.
  • Fixed admin view translations showing mostly in English. Now if ShopMagic is translated to your language, the admin area is also available in your language.
  • Improved ShopMagic translation behavior when admin user sets different language than default site language. ShopMagic now respects user preferred language.
  • Fixed missing customer email in Queue admin view.
  • Fixed fatal error when accessing a tracking link from an email with malicious URL. From now ShopMagic shows a proper message to the user and logs an error.

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