Superio (v2.6.1) Theme for JobCore Laravel Job Board CMS Free Download

Superio Theme for JobCore Laravel Job Board CMS Free Download is a cutting-edge theme designed specifically for JobCore, a Laravel-based job board content management system (CMS). This theme offers a comprehensive solution for creating a professional and user-friendly job board website that caters to both job seekers and employers alike.

One of the standout features of Superio is its modern and stylish design, which is perfectly tailored to the needs of job board websites. The theme boasts a clean and intuitive layout that allows users to easily navigate the site and find the information they need. With its visually appealing design, Superio helps to create a positive first impression for both job seekers and employers, enhancing the overall user experience.

Superio is also highly customizable, allowing website administrators to tailor the theme to their specific needs and preferences. The theme includes a range of customization options, including customizable layouts, color schemes, and font choices, allowing administrators to create a unique and personalized job board website that reflects their brand identity.

Superio offers a range of powerful features designed to streamline the job search process. The theme includes advanced search and filtering options, allowing job seekers to easily find relevant job listings based on their preferences and criteria. Employers can also create and manage their job postings with ease, making it simple to attract and recruit top talent for their organizations.

Superio Theme for JobCore Laravel Job Board CMS Nulled is fully responsive, ensuring that the job board website looks great and functions seamlessly on all devices, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. This responsiveness is essential for providing a positive user experience and ensuring that visitors can access the job board website from anywhere, at any time.

Superio Free Download is optimized for performance and speed, ensuring fast loading times and smooth navigation for users. With its clean and well-organized codebase, Superio offers excellent performance across all major web browsers, ensuring compatibility and accessibility for all users.

Superio is a powerful and versatile theme designed specifically for JobCore, a Laravel-based job board CMS. With its modern design, customizable options, powerful features, and responsive layout, Superio Nulled provides everything administrators need to create a professional and user-friendly job board website. Whether you’re a job seeker looking for your next opportunity or an employer looking to attract top talent, Superio offers the perfect solution for building a successful job board website.

Superio Theme for JobCore Laravel Job Board CMS Changelog

Version 2.6.1 – 23 October 2023

          - Update the Job Alert form
          - Update login social - Dont need to verify email if login by social
          - Add download button in admin panel, allow admin download CV uploaded
          - Update edit button fot Media folder
          - Update datetime field on My profile page
          - Fixed list Company - count number of job
          - Update a qualification field in Job create
          - Update contact form block 

Version 2.6.0 – 06 September 2023

          - Updated missed translation words
          - Update the translation issue in the settings
          - Update style for Candidate/Employer layout + Checkout 
          - Update page listing in the Menu creating 

Version 2.5.1 – 21 July 2023

     - Fixed the popup Apply Job form issue.
     - Update Stripe API to the newest version

Version 2.5.0 – 13 July 2023

     + Upgrade Laraval 10
     + Add the first page and last page to the pagination
     + Add the Report button to GIG, Job to report when there is a sign of fraud
     + Update register form for Employer 
     + Update Media folder manager
     + Update job core
     + Update Employer role when registering via Social item
     + Update option allows selling Userplan monthly or annually
     + Update notify email for Become Employer request
     + Update Userplan that allows the employer to post jobs in draft 
     + Update link to buy a new plan after expired
     + Add Clear-cache tool 
     + Fixed the Filter budget on the GIG listing
     + Fixed Auto completed from Location field to search
     + Fixed candidate menu on Mobile
     + Hide all expired jobs

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