v1.2.0 Noxe Movie Studios & Filmmakers Theme Free Download

Noxe Movie Studios & Filmmakers Theme emerges as a feature-rich WordPress theme specifically designed for creating movie studio and filmmaker websites, based on the analysis of the provided changelog (v1.1.3 – v1.2.0). This review explores these updates and highlights the benefits they offer to web developers and website owners in the film industry.

Focus on Functionality and Addressing Issues (Multiple Versions):

  • Compatibility Updates (Multiple Versions): The changelog highlights frequent updates for core plugins bundled with the theme, including WPBakery Page Builder, Slider Revolution, Noxe Core plugin, and translation files. These updates ensure compatibility with the latest WordPress versions and potential security improvements.
  • WooCommerce Integration (v1.1.3): Introduces WooCommerce support, enabling users to add e-commerce functionalities to their website, potentially allowing them to sell movie merchandise or tickets.
  • Schema Support (v1.1.7): Implements schema markup for titles and names, potentially improving search engine optimization (SEO) for the website.
  • Multiple Bug Fixes (Multiple Versions): The changelog details numerous bug fixes addressing various issues, including email notification problems, missing social media links, errors during title editing, layout customization issues, and search functionalities.

Enhancements for User Experience and Design (Multiple Versions):

  • Popup Function for Map Markers (v1.1.6): Adds a popup function for map markers, potentially enhancing interactivity on location-based pages.
  • Favorites and Watchlist Features (v1.1.3): Introduces functionalities for users to create and manage favorites and watchlists for movies.
  • Shop Cart Feature in Header (v1.1.3): Provides easier access to the shopping cart directly from the header.
  • Design Options and Layouts (Multiple Versions): The updates mention adding a dark skin option, lazy load control for images, and improved alignment options for various elements, offering more design flexibility.
  • Content Listing Options (v1.1.3): Implements new order and filter options for the title listing, such as sorting by IMDb ratings and filtering by runtime.

Limited Information on Core Features:

  • The changelog focuses on updates and doesn’t detail Noxe’s core functionalities. It’s recommended to visit the official website for a complete overview of its features, such as pre-built layouts, shortcodes for movie listings, cast & crew information, integration with movie databases (IMDb, TMDB, OMDb), and video player options.

Considering the Update History:

  • The frequent updates for core plugins and addressing reported issues suggest an ongoing effort to maintain functionality, security, and user experience.
  • The introduction of new features like favorites, watchlists, and WooCommerce integration expands the theme’s capabilities.

Overall, Noxe Movie Studios & Filmmakers Theme appears to be a comprehensive solution for creating movie studio and filmmaker websites. It offers a wide range of features, regular updates, and focuses on addressing user-reported issues. If you’re looking for a WordPress theme specifically designed for the film industry, with features for showcasing movies, cast & crew, and potentially selling movie-related products, Noxe appears to be a strong contender to explore further through the official website for a complete understanding of its features and pricing.

Noxe Movie Studios & Filmmakers Theme Nulled is a cinematic WordPress theme engineered to spotlight the magic of movie making. It’s tailored for film studios, independent filmmakers, production companies, and anyone in the film industry looking to showcase their work, promote projects, or establish a digital archive of their cinematic endeavors.

The film industry is all about storytelling, and a filmmaker’s website should be an extension of that narrative. Noxe provides a visually striking platform that’s as captivating as the silver screen itself, enabling professionals in the film industry to weave their stories and showcase their projects with the same intensity and passion they bring to the big screen.

Overview of Noxe Movie Studios & Filmmakers Theme

Noxe Nulled is crafted with an understanding of the film industry’s unique demands, offering a suite of features that serve the specific needs of film studios and independent filmmakers. The theme provides a rich backdrop for displaying film portfolios, upcoming releases, and industry news, all within a framework that emphasizes visual storytelling.

Features of Noxe Movie Studios & Filmmakers Theme

  • Dynamic Video Backgrounds: Engage visitors immediately with video backgrounds that set the cinematic tone, allowing them to dive into the world of your making.
  • Film Portfolio: Showcase your films, documentaries, and projects with dedicated portfolio pages that offer detailed insights into each work.
  • Advanced Movie and Info Management: Display movies with extensive information such as synopsis, cast lists, trailers, and release dates, keeping your audience informed and excited.
  • Festival and Event Promotion: Promote film festivals, screenings, and events with dedicated sections that highlight dates, venues, and ticket information.
  • E-commerce Integration: Sell film-related merchandise, digital downloads, or collectibles directly from your website with full WooCommerce support.
  • Responsive Design: Noxe ensures your content is accessible and visually stunning on any device, providing a seamless experience for all visitors.
  • SEO Optimization: Rank higher in search engine results with a theme optimized for SEO, helping you reach a broader audience.
  • One-Click Demo Import: Expedite the setup process with pre-built demo content that can be imported with just one click, allowing you to get your site running quickly.
  • Customizable Theme Options: Personalize your site with customizable theme options that let you modify colors, fonts, layouts, and more to reflect your brand’s aesthetic.
  • Social Media Integration: Extend your reach and engage with audiences across social media platforms with integrated sharing tools.
  • Regular Updates: Stay current with regular theme updates that ensure compatibility with the latest web technologies and security standards.
  • Translation Ready: Cater to a global audience with a translation-ready theme, making it easy to adapt your content to various languages.
  • Professional Support: Access dedicated support for any questions or issues that arise, ensuring a smooth experience as you manage your site.
  • Blog Capabilities: Share behind-the-scenes stories, production diaries, and industry news with a fully integrated blog platform.
  • Interactive Sliders: Create visually stunning sliders to feature your most notable works, upcoming releases, or critical reviews.
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility: Ensure a consistent experience for all users, regardless of the browser they use.

Noxe Movie Studios & Filmmakers Theme Free Download provides an unparalleled digital canvas for those in the film industry to project their artistry. With its robust set of features and customizable design, it offers a professional and engaging online presence that mirrors the creativity and vision of your projects. Noxe allows filmmakers to create a virtual experience that draws visitors in, offering them a glimpse behind the curtain and the opportunity to connect with the stories waiting to be told. Whether spotlighting a single project or building an extensive portfolio, Noxe delivers a cinematic experience that captivates audiences beyond the movie theater. It’s a theme not just for showcasing films but for celebrating the craft of filmmaking itself, providing a stage where every director, producer, and studio can shine.


February 23, 2024 – v1.2.0

Updated: WPBakery Page Builder updated.
Updated: Revolution Slider updated.

January 03, 2024 – v1.1.9

Solved: Fixed jQuery bug caused by JS Cookie library. 
Due to this error, sliders and various jQuery errors occurred.

December 13, 2023 – v1.1.8

Added: WP Movie Importer notice added for IMDb, TMDB and OMDb.
Updated: WPBakery Page Builder plugin updated.
Updated: Translation file updated.

October 18, 2023 – v1.1.7

Added: Schema support added for the titles.
Added: Schema support added for the names.
Added: End date added for the titles.
Added: Schema type chooser added for the titles.
Updated: Noxe Core plugin updated.
Updated: Translation files updated.

September 19, 2023 – v1.1.6

Added: Popup function added for the map marker.
Solved: The problem of users not receiving emails after signing up has been resolved.

September 17, 2023 – v1.1.5

Added: Made compatible with PHP 8.
Added: Added missing social media links. TikTok and more.
Added: Death Date and Place of Death fields added for the names.
Added: TMDB ID field added for the titles. In the future, you will be able to show both IMDb and TMDB ratings in the title detail.
Updated: Noxe Core plugin updated.
Updated: WPBakery Page Builder plugin updated.
Updated: Slider Revolution plugin updated.
Updated: Envato Market plugin updated.
Updated: Translation files updated.
Updated: Meta Box extensions updated.
Updated: Font Awesome updated.
Updated: Demo content updated.
Solved: The freezing and page breaking problem that occurred during title editing and creation has been fixed. This issue was caused by the advanced text editor in the Meta Box plugin.
Solved: The problem of the name not appearing when adding a spouse manually has been fixed.
Solved: The missing CSS file in the admin panel has been fixed in the console.

March 08, 2023 – v1.1.4

Added: Security improvements have been made. Be sure to use this version.
Updated: Slider Revolution plugin updated.
Updated: Minor CSS bug solved on the checkboxes.
Updated: WooCommerce design updated.
Updated: Envato Market plugin updated.
Updated: Translation file updated.
Updated: Noxe Theme Core plugin updated.

April 27, 2022 – v1.1.3

Added: An element has been added so that users can list the titles they have added to their favorites and watchlists. With these elements, you can create favorites and watchlist pages and add them to the menu.
Added: WooCommerce support added.
Added: The shop cart feature added to the header.
Added: Align option added for the blog element.
Added: RTL support added.
Added: Dark skin added.
Added: Lazy load control is added to the theme customizer.
Added: Instagram feed plugin support added.
Added: Comment rating system added for the blog posts.
Added: Breadcrumbs support added.
Added: A basic mega menu support added
Added: Get Pocket link added for the social media links.
Added: New order options added for the title listing: Sortable with IMDb rating.
Added: New fields added for the title listing: Runtime.
Added: New filtering options added for the title search: Runtime, order and order type.
Updated: Title search system with release date updated. Now, when you enter a release date, all titles on that release date and the ongoing date will be listed. This made the search easier.
Updated: Improved to be visible while active and hovering for the style 2 of the pagination.
Updated: Social media links updated.
Updated: Alignment CSS codes updated on the Noxe Slider element.
Updated: Meta Box extensions updated.
Updated: Noxe Core plugin updated.
Updated: Translation file updated.
Updated: WPBakery Page Builder updated.
Updated: Revolution Slider updated.
Solved: Align problem solved on the title listing style 3.
Solved: Sidebar chooser bug solved on the taxonomies of the title and name.
Solved: Taxonomy order bug solved on the title search.
Solved: The layout customizer bug solved in the theme customizer.
Solved: Solved the rework bug in the Countdown element.
Solved: The logo problem solved on the sticky mobile header.
Solved: The timeline crashed on mixed dates problem is solved.
Solved: The issue of not being able to search with apostrophe solved.
Solved: The problem of slowness in title editing has been minimized. If you create your own titles instead of editing the titles that comes with the demo, you will not have any problems anyway. The titles in the demo are to better present the demo content. We do not recommend using them. There are many fields that you do not need.
Solved: Minor bug solved on the title search widget.

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