WooCommerce Google Product Feeds v10.12.4 Nulled

E-commerce is a competitive realm, and standing out is essential. What’s the solution? Integrate with platforms like Google Merchant Center to increase product visibility. Enter the WooCommerce Google Product Feed Nulled extension. This tool connects your WooCommerce store to the Google Merchant Center, giving your products a broader audience. Not only does it amplify product listings and ads, but it also enhances local inventory campaigns. Dive in to understand its vast potential.


Extensive Supported Fields

  • Boasting an extensive list of over 50 supported fields, this extension ensures that Google receives the most detailed data about your products. This richness enhances your campaign performance, driving more qualified traffic to your online store.

Total Control Over Field Mappings

  • With the WooCommerce Google Product Feed extension, gone are the days of relying on unsatisfactory auto-mappings. You’re endowed with complete authority to map existing product data to Google’s required fields – whether it’s from your site’s taxonomies, attributes, or product fields.

Data Entry Freedom

  • While the extension imports product data seamlessly, it allows for a hands-on approach where necessary. Capture data typically not present in WooCommerce using the extension’s additional data entry fields, ensuring every detail is perfectly tailored to Google’s requirements.

Global and Specific Defaults

  • To simplify the process further, you can set up store-wide defaults or opt for a more targeted approach by setting values per category. Need to be even more precise? The plugin lets you provide specific information for individual products or variations.

Comprehensive Integration

  • The Google Product Feed extension flawlessly integrates with common WooCommerce extensions, ensuring that you can enhance your store’s functionalities without compatibility issues.

Real-time Feed Updates

  • Your product’s latest information is available in real-time, ensuring Google Merchant Center is always up-to-date with your store’s offerings.

Review Feeds

  • In addition to product feeds, this extension also provides a dedicated feed for product reviews. Integrated with WooCommerce’s inbuilt review system, it offers a feed that Google uses to enhance product ads with compelling ratings. These reviews are instrumental in influencing purchasing decisions, driving more potential customers to your store.

Extensive Documentation and Customization

  • To ensure you utilize the extension to its full potential, it comes with in-depth documentation covering setup and customization. Additionally, a rich set of WordPress filters and actions makes flexible customization a breeze.

Download WooCommerce Google Product Feed Plugin

The WooCommerce Google Product Feed Free extension is not just a tool but a catalyst that propels your WooCommerce store into the vast market of Google Merchant Center. With its powerful features, you gain full control over how your products appear on Google, ensuring that every campaign, ad, or product listing is optimized for maximum impact. By integrating this extension, you leverage the full power of Google Adwords, placing you firmly in the driver’s seat of your ad setup and budgeting.

In a nutshell, if you aim to expand your reach, enhance product visibility, and improve campaign performance, the WooCommerce Google Product Feed extension is your best bet. Embrace its features and elevate your WooCommerce store to unparalleled heights.


Version 10.12.4RELEASED ON 2024.02.19

  • Support for multiple promotion IDs
  • Structured data features were not always enabled

Version 10.12.3RELEASED ON 2024.01.31

  • Support for ‘certification’ attribute
  • Import/Export improvements for product_detail field
  • Import/Export improvements for product_fee field
  • Import/Export improvements for product_highlight field
  • Import/Export improvements for installment field
  • Resolve issue where GPF could fail during WooCommerce update

Version 10.12.2RELEASED ON 2024.01.22

  • Resolve issues with importing adwords_label via CSV

Version 10.12.1RELEASED ON 2024.01.22

  • WooCommerce compatibility up to 8.5
  • Clarification that disabling the sending of variations is strongly discouraged
  • Housekeeping and remove some unneeded optimisation calls
  • WooCommerce compatibility updates for setup tasks
  • Support multiple values for ‘shopping ads excluded countries’
  • Resolve issues with incorrect rounding when prices are exclusive of taxes and multiple purchase quantities are enforced
  • Remove unnecessary duplicated data in REST responses

Version 10.11.4RELEASED ON 2023.12.11

  • Declare compatibility with WooCommerce cart checkout blocks

Version 10.11.3RELEASED ON 2023.12.06

  • WooCommerce compatibility up to 8.4

Version 10.11.2RELEASED ON 2023.12.04

  • Allow parent image to be disabled on variations via woocommerce_gpf_include_parent_image_on_variation filter
  • Improvements to reliability when pre-populating from custom meta values

Version 10.11.1RELEASED ON 2023.10.11

  • Do not trigger errors on hosts that have disabled some PHP functions

Version 10.11.0RELEASED ON 2023.10.02

  • WooCommerce compatibility up to 8.2
  • Allow WooCommerce add-to-cart URLs to work with product IDs from the feed
  • Various performance optimisations

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