WooCommerce Product Search v5.2.0 Nulled (Free Download)

Online shopping has seen tremendous growth, and with that growth comes the necessity for businesses to ensure that their customers can seamlessly locate products on their websites. A user-friendly search mechanism can make the difference between a sale and a frustrated customer leaving the site. Catering to this pressing need is the WooCommerce Product Search Free Download plugin, a game-changer in the realm of e-commerce.

WooCommerce Product Search serves as the heartbeat of any e-commerce site powered by WooCommerce. This extension enhances the shopping experience by providing real-time search results, which means as customers type, relevant product suggestions appear immediately. It’s not just about speed; it’s about accuracy. By guiding customers directly to what they are looking for, it dramatically reduces the time between landing on the site and making a purchase. In essence, WooCommerce Product Search is not just a search tool; it’s an essential sales partner.


  • Instant Results: Time is of the essence. The live search feature offers instant display of results as customers start typing, making the product search process smoother and faster.
  • Search Relevance: It’s equipped with a powerful search algorithm that ensures the results displayed are relevant to the query. This precision eliminates the need to sift through unrelated products, paving a direct path from search to purchase.
  • Search Filters: Allow customers to refine their searches based on categories, price range, and other attributes. These filters make it easier for customers to navigate extensive product catalogs.
  • Weighted Search: With the weighted search feature, store owners can give priority to particular product attributes, making them more likely to appear in search results.
  • Search Analytics: Gain insights into what your customers are searching for. The search analytics tool provides valuable data on popular search terms, frequency, and more.
  • Shortcodes: Customize and place search fields anywhere on the site with easy-to-use shortcodes.
  • Adaptive Search Results: The tool smartly adjusts and presents results based on previous searches and product views, enhancing personalization.
  • Keyword Highlighting: When products match the search term, the keyword is highlighted, making it easier for customers to identify relevant results.
  • Extensible & Developer-Friendly: Developers can easily extend the capabilities of the search tool or integrate it with other extensions and plugins.
  • Responsive Design: With mobile commerce on the rise, the responsive design ensures that the search feature is optimized for all devices, from desktops to smartphones.

Download WooCommerce Product Search Plugin

In today’s dynamic e-commerce landscape, enhancing user experience is paramount. This is precisely where the WooCommerce Product Search Nulled extension makes its mark. Offering a seamless search process, it doesn’t merely enhance user interactions; it transforms them. By promptly guiding users to their desired products, it significantly accelerates the journey from search to purchase.

Furthermore, this powerful tool offers businesses a mirror into their customers’ preferences. Through invaluable search analytics, store owners can glean insights into popular products, detect emerging trends, and even identify potential gaps in their offerings. In essence, it’s not just a tool to aid customers; it’s a strategic instrument that illuminates the path for businesses.

Moreover, in the fiercely competitive realm of online retail, creating personalized shopping experiences can distinguish a business from its competitors. WooCommerce Product Search excels in this domain by providing adaptive search results. By presenting instant and pertinent product suggestions, it crafts a bespoke shopping experience, making patrons feel acknowledged and catered to.

To sum it up, as online shopping platforms evolve, tools fostering improved user experience will spearhead this transformation. The WooCommerce Product Search, with its array of sophisticated features and precision, is poised to be a leader in this change. It’s not just a beneficial add-on; it’s a pivotal component for those aiming to scale their online retail endeavors. In a world brimming with online stores, it’s often the user experience that differentiates the exceptional from the ordinary. In this context, embracing the WooCommerce Product Search is less an option and more a strategic necessity.

Version 5.2.0RELEASED ON 2024.01.31

  • WordPress 6.4 compatible.
  • WooCommerce 8.5 compatible.
  • Requires at least WooCommerce 8.2.
  • Requires at least PHP 7.4.
  • Added compatibility plugin header fields.
  • Fixed instances of wrong spelling of WPML.
  • Updated the translation template.
  • Updated the included translations.
  • Limit set on Product Search Field without effect on results included.
  • Added a cap of 100 on the requestable results for the Product Search Field which can be overridden via the product_search_limit filter.
  • Revised the WPML compatibility to determine extended cache context.
  • Added the woocommerce_product_search_engine_cache_context filter.
  • Added the woocommerce_product_search_engine_stage_cache_context filter.
  • Added the woocommerce_product_search_filter_product_loop_cache_context filter.
  • Added the woocommerce_product_search_term_control_get_term_counts_cache_context filter.
  • Added the .wc-block-components-notice-banner.is-info selector in addition to the previous .woocommerce-info selector when updating filtered products.

Version 5.1.1RELEASED ON 2023.12.18

  • Revised coherency tests in the query control on incoming request values to prevent odd values from causing errors.
  • Made our query control less restrictive for backend taxonomy term requests like wp-admin/edit.php?pa_example=foo&post_type=product where we would previously filter out variable products with no variations related to a requested term.
  • Revised query control to pagination conditions.

Version 5.1.0RELEASED ON 2023.12.15

  • WooCommerce 8.4 compatible.
  • Resolves an issue where products out of stock are not shown in the administrative section when the setting to “Hide out of stock items from the catalog” is enabled.

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