WP Fusion Free Download (v3.42.11) + Addons

WP Fusion Nulled is a powerful WordPress plugin that acts as a bridge between WordPress websites and various CRM and marketing automation platforms. In today’s digital landscape, where personalized user experiences and efficient customer relationship management are key to business success, WP Fusion offers a comprehensive solution. It integrates WordPress with leading CRM systems, enabling website owners to harness the full potential of their customer data for enhanced marketing, sales, and user engagement strategies.

Effective integration of customer relationship management (CRM) systems with a website is crucial for businesses looking to streamline their operations and tailor their marketing efforts. WP Fusion steps in as a critical tool for achieving this integration, providing a seamless connection between WordPress sites and various CRM and marketing platforms. This plugin is ideal for businesses and website owners who want to leverage customer data to create a more personalized and efficient user experience.


WP Fusion Nulled is designed to synchronize user data between WordPress and various CRM and marketing automation tools. It supports a wide range of CRMs, making it versatile for different business needs. The plugin automates many processes that would otherwise require manual intervention, saving time and improving accuracy. It’s particularly beneficial for membership sites, e-commerce platforms, and any WordPress site that collects user data.


  1. Extensive CRM Integration: WP Fusion supports integration with over 40 CRM and marketing automation platforms, including popular systems like HubSpot, Salesforce, and ActiveCampaign.
  2. User Data Synchronization: The plugin synchronizes user data between WordPress and the connected CRM, ensuring consistent and up-to-date information across platforms.
  3. Automated Tagging: Users can be automatically tagged based on their actions on the website, such as purchasing a product or completing a course, enabling targeted marketing efforts.
  4. Access Control: WP Fusion offers granular control over site access based on CRM tags, allowing the creation of personalized user experiences and content access rules.
  5. E-commerce Integration: For e-commerce sites, WP Fusion tracks purchases and customer behavior, syncing this data with the CRM for improved sales tracking and customer segmentation.
  6. Membership and Subscription Management: The plugin works seamlessly with membership and subscription plugins, making it ideal for managing member access and subscriptions through CRM tags.
  7. Lead Capture and Tracking: WP Fusion enhances lead generation efforts by capturing form submissions and tracking user engagement, feeding this data into the CRM for lead nurturing.
  8. Custom Field Mapping: Users can map custom fields between WordPress and their CRM, ensuring that all relevant user data is captured and synced.
  9. Event Tracking: The plugin allows for tracking of user interactions and events on the website, providing valuable insights into user behavior and preferences.
  10. GDPR Compliance Tools: WP Fusion includes tools to help with GDPR compliance, such as managing user consent and data access requests.

WP Fusion Free Download is an indispensable tool for businesses and website owners looking to integrate their WordPress sites with CRM and marketing automation platforms. Its wide range of features, from user data synchronization to automated tagging and access control, makes it a comprehensive solution for leveraging customer data to enhance marketing strategies, sales processes, and overall user experience. Whether for a small business, a large corporation, or a membership site, WP Fusion provides the functionality and flexibility needed to create a connected and efficient digital ecosystem. With its focus on user data integration, WP Fusion stands out as a powerful and versatile plugin in the WordPress community, enabling businesses to make data-driven decisions and offer personalized experiences to their users.


3.42.11 – 2/10/2024

  • Fixed for HighLevel API update of Feb 8th (now sending 403 status codes when access tokens expire, was previously 401)
  • Improved: Gravity Forms integration will now pass the entry ID to the forms processor class
  • Fixed WP Fusion auto-enrolling users into BuddyBoss groups via linked tags even if they were already a moderator of that group
  • Fixed fatal error auto-enrolling users into Members membership levels when the user doesn’t currently have any user roles, with PHP 8.1+
  • Fixed deprecated utf8_encode() warnings in the Infusionsoft XMLRPC library
  • Fixed fatal error logging 500 status error messages from the Constant Contact API
  • Fixed fatal error Unsupported operand types: null + array with syncing lead source data without any other contact data present since 3.42.10

#3.42.10 – 2/5/2024

  • Added an Amelia booking integration
  • Added Customer.io site tracking scripts
  • Added Customer.io webhooks
  • Improved – Multi-key FluentCRM events will now be sent JSON-encoded
  • Improved – The Save Changes button in the settings will now be disabled until the initial CRM connection has been established
  • Improved – The JavaScript-based lead source tracking method no longer requires jQuery
  • Fixed Formidable Forms fields not showing for mapping in the WP Fusion settings if they had a default value
  • Fixed lead source data for new user registrations being synced even if there was an existing contact in the CRM
  • Fixed missing CRM field labels in dropdowns with Brevo since 3.42.8
  • Fixed PHP warning syncing available custom properties with Omnisend when no custom properties were available
  • Fixed error syncing available custom fields with Drip when no custom fields were available
  • Fixed missing event value for single key FluentCRM events
  • Fixed security vulnerability in the user_meta_if shortcode, an editor could potentially execute arbitrary PHP code by passing a function name to the field_format parameter

3.42.9 – 1/30/2024

  • Added support for the new FluentCRM event tracking module (same site and REST API)
  • Improved – Updated Omnisend event tracking to use new /customer-events endpoint
  • Improved HubSpot error handling for failed access token refreshes
  • Fixed WP Fusion not showing as compatible with WooCommerce High Performance Order Storage until the initial setup was completed
  • Fixed Groundhogg (Same site) integration not loading mapped BuddyPress fields automatically when their corresponding custom fields were edited in Groundhogg
  • Fixed FluentCRM and ActiveCampaign treating an invalid contact ID when looking up tags as a contact with no tags (caused auto-login links to unlock content for invalid contacts) – 1/25/2024

  • Improved: The background worker will now return instead of exit when the queue is empty, to prevent the worker from blocking subsequent cron tasks
  • Improved HubSpot error handling
  • Improved error logging for composite responses with Salesforce
  • Improved Omnisend event tracking (numeric values will no longer be sent as strings)
  • Fixed refreshing available Ontraport tags resetting the available tags list since 3.42.8
  • Fixed WooCommerce order item refunded tags not being logged when a guest checkout order was refunded
  • Fixed auto-applied discounts not working with Easy Digital Downloads 3.0
  • Fixed fatal error displaying Select Tag(s) dropdowns after resyncing available tags while WP Fusion was in staging mode

#3.42.8 – 1/22/2024

  • Added a CRM integation with Omnisend
  • Added Last Order Shipping Method field for sync with WooCommerce
  • Improved Customer.io error handling
  • Improved – When clicking Process Order Actions Again on a WooCommerce order, the transient that locks the order will be cleared (fixes cases where a prior sync crashed or timed out before finishing)
  • Fixed special characters in tag names breaking If-Menu tag condition dropdowns
  • Fixed PHP warning Undefined array key "email" in Customer.io integration when updating contacts
  • Fixed special characters in tags applied by Elementor Forms being synced as HTML entities
  • Fixed Undefined variable $apply_tags with some CRMs since 3.42.6
  • Fixed Undefined variable $available_tags with MailPoet integration when loading a subscriber’s lists
  • Developers: changed the remote_field and remote_type custom field properties introduced in 3.42.5 to crm_field and crm_type for consistency (is backwards compatible)

3.42.7 – 1/17/2024

  • Fixed integrations with a missing documentation URL getting disabled when the main settings page was saved, since 3.42.6
  • Fixed additional undefined array key warnings in the Gravity Forms integration when editing a form feed
  • Developers: extended the ActiveCampaign API timeout to 20 seconds for loading, applying and removing tags

#3.42.6 – 1/15/2024

  • Added support for the Paid Memberships Pro Gift Membership Addon
  • Added an order status column to the Easy Digital Downloads orders table
  • Added Apply Tags – Resumed setting to the MemberPress integration
  • Added support for lists with FluentCRM (REST API)
  • Added Created At field for sync with Customer.io
  • Added Fatal Error Notify promotional banner to the bottom of the logs page
  • Tested for Paid Memberships Pro 3.0
  • Tested for FunnelKit Builder 3.0
  • Improved – If a WooCommerce order is refunded, and the parent subscription is still active, no tags will be removed
  • Improved – Admin notices from other plugins will be hidden on the logs page
  • Improved – Individual plugin integrations can now be disabled from the Integrations tab in the settings
  • Fixed tags created in FluentCRM (REST API) via WP Fusion being stored as tag IDs and not slugs
  • Fixed (for real this time) update and update_tags webhook endpoints not working with FluentCRM (REST API) 2.8.3+
  • Fixed PHP warning when editing a Formidable Forms action and a previously mapped field was deleted
  • Fixed menu item restriction not working on the BuddyPress / BuddyBoss profile and account pages
  • Fixed Customer.io integration not syncing dates as Unix timestamps
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