Cost Calculator Builder PRO v3.1.57 Nulled

Are you tired of spending countless hours calculating project estimates or preparing quotes for clients? Well, the future of cost calculation is here, and it’s called Cost Calculator Builder PRO Nulled. Designed to save you time and increase accuracy, this plugin streamlines your estimating process, allowing you to generate instant cost calculations for your services or products.

Cost Calculator Builder PRO isn’t just another WordPress plugin; it’s a revolution in the world of online cost estimations. Whether you’re an independent contractor, a business owner, or a freelancer, this robust tool offers a hassle-free method for preparing estimates, generating quotes, and ultimately enhancing customer engagement.

Built to facilitate quick calculations and dynamic pricing, this plugin is perfect for service providers across various industries. Its responsive design adapts to any device, ensuring that your clients can quickly calculate costs whether they are at the office or on the go. Moreover, the plugin’s compatibility with major page builders like Elementor and WPBakery means that you can easily integrate it into your existing WordPress setup.

Features: Where Functionality Meets Versatility

Customizable Templates

The plugin comes packed with customizable templates, tailored to different types of businesses. Whether you are a photographer, event planner, or a construction contractor, there’s a template that will align with your specific needs.

Drag-and-drop Interface

Gone are the days when you needed to write code to create an estimator. With its drag-and-drop interface, setting up your cost calculator is a breeze.

Payment Gateway Integration

Enhance your sales process by integrating the calculator with popular payment gateways like PayPal or Stripe. This feature allows clients to move smoothly from cost estimation to payment, improving their overall experience.

Real-time Updates

Pricing adjustments are inevitable in any business. This plugin allows for real-time updates, ensuring that your clients always have the most accurate pricing information.

Multi-language Support

Global business requires a global approach. Cost Calculator Builder PRO supports multiple languages, making it easier for you to reach a wider audience.

Condition-based Calculations

Certain services might have conditional costs. This feature allows you to set condition-based calculations, offering a more accurate pricing model.

Conclusion: A Must-Have Tool for Modern Businesses

When it comes to online cost estimation, Cost Calculator Builder PRO stands out as a comprehensive, user-friendly solution. Its intuitive interface, customizable templates, and real-time pricing adjustments cater to both the service provider and the client. Furthermore, the plugin’s seamless integration with popular payment gateways and its multi-language support adds a layer of convenience that is hard to match.

With such advanced features, it’s clear why many professionals consider it an essential part of their business toolkit. From simplifying the estimating process to enabling quicker client conversions, the plugin performs a myriad of functions designed to boost your bottom line. For those looking to stay ahead in the highly competitive digital marketplace, implementing Cost Calculator Builder PRO is a step in the right direction.

Changelog (Pro Version)


February 20, 2024


  • In Text, Radio select and Switch toggle elements are not highlighted if the field is required.
  • Small bug fixes.


February 19, 2024


  • Added a setting for the Terms and Conditions agreement.


  • When a client pays via Stripe, the payment amount is increased by several times.
  • When filling out an Order form with Payment methods disabled, Contact info is not displayed in the email for admin.
  • Small bug fixes.


February 14, 2024


  • Added a Group Field element for grouping fields within calculator.


  • The Cost Calculator plugin is now compatible with Essentials theme.


  • The Conditions tab in the calculator does not open after importing a calculator with a Repeater element.
  • Small bug fixes.


February 8, 2024



  • Updated the design of the settings page for payment gateways.
  • Made integration with Razorpay for customer payments.
  • Added a setting for cash payment.


February 5, 2024


  • Small bug fixes.


January 31, 2024


  • Added additional fonts for displaying signs in Czech and Vietnamese languages.
  • Added CSV format for selection in File Upload.


  • When changing the calendar option (with and without range) in the Date picker element when Conditions is connected, the date is reset.
  • Text is displayed incorrectly if Date picker with range is selected and Calculate cost per day is disabled.
  • Small bug fixes.


  • Fixed: Counters in inputs don’t work when customizing Currency.
  • Fixed: When creating a new page and embedding a calculator, the page opens in the same tab.
  • Fixed: Small bug fixes


January 18, 2024


  • Added the ability to activate required for the elements inside the repeater.
  • Image Checkbox is displayed in Horizontal view style at Default setting.
  • Image Radio is displayed in Vertical view style at the Default setting.


  • When typing a large amount of text, fields in Send Quote are not displayed correctly and are stretched to full screen.
  • If you upload multiple files and click the icon to expand The icon of the drop-down menu in File Upload is not clickable.


December 28, 2023

  • Update: Added a setting to choose a range through unselectable days and calculate them in the Date picker element.
  • Update: Added a setting to add price for file uploads and sum prices for each file in the File upload element.
  • Update: Added a setting to hide price in Dropdown, Image dropdown, Image radio and Image checkbox elements of the calculator.
  • Update: Added tip on the “Add another” button at the maximum limit of group usage in the Repeater element.
  • Fixed: With the disabled “Sum up values in all fields” setting in Repeater is not displayed on the page, but it is displayed in Orders.
  • Fixed: In Orders, an order made by WooCommerce is not displayed because it has a formula equal to 0.
  • Fixed: With the Order form turned off, when paying via Stripe/PayPal, the ID is not sent to the mail.
  • Fixed: If different items have the same label, WooCheckout displays the quantity 0.


December 21, 2023

  • Update: When selecting a payment method, if the Order form is turned off, Stripe or PayPal payment success messages now come for admin and customer.
  • Update: Added position setting (left, right, center) for Logo in Email Template.
  • Update: Now the placeholder Email logo is not displayed in the template if no logo is loaded.
  • Fixed: As for the Default Orders Form, the price in Orders of selected formulas is displayed.
  • Fixed: Price calculation for Stripe, Paypal, and Woocommerce payments is incorrect if there are multiple Formula items.


December 20, 2023

  • Fixed: Added the ability to edit the text of the “Close” button in Email Quote.
  • Fixed: When selecting a time in the Time Picker element, the extra distance appears at the bottom of the calculator in Preview, Appearance and Webpage.
  • Fixed: Fixed translation of some words into Spanish via the WPML plugin in the calculator.
  • Fixed: Item jumping occurs when adding via Drang & Drop in Repeater element.
  • Fixed: If the Open Form Button Text field is empty, a button without text will appear on the page if the field responsible for the button text in the Order form on the page is deleted.
  • Fixed: There is no order ID in the templates of emails sent to the user and admin when the Order form is off.

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