Farmart (v1.20.2 Nulled) Single or Multivendor Laravel eCommerce System

Farmart Nulled emerges as a versatile and modern solution for building a multi-vendor marketplace, leveraging the power of Laravel, a popular PHP framework. This script is tailor-made for various types of online stores, including electronics, groceries, furniture, clothing, and accessories. By adopting Farmart, entrepreneurs can establish a marketplace similar to giants like Amazon, eBay, or Envato, where multiple vendors can converge to sell their products.

Farmart stands out in the digital marketplace arena with its clean, modern approach to e-commerce. Its design philosophy focuses not just on aesthetics but also on functionality, offering an impressive and attractive look that is likely to increase conversion rates. The script’s adaptability to different types of retail businesses, combined with its ease of use, makes it an ideal choice for those looking to launch or upgrade their online marketplace.

At its core, Farmart is designed with a grid system, ensuring that sites look sharp across all devices. This mobile-optimized design prioritizes user experience, delivering a superior shopping experience for customers. The script’s flexibility allows for a single or multi-vendor setup, enabling store owners to expand their business model as needed.

Key Features

One-Time Purchase with Free Updates

Farmart offers lifetime updates at no additional cost, ensuring that your marketplace remains up-to-date.

Free Theme Installation Support

Assistance is provided for theme installation, ensuring a smooth setup process.

Multi-Language and RTL Support

Cater to a global audience with multi-language options and Right-to-Left (RTL) text support.

Comprehensive E-commerce Features

Includes a full suite of e-commerce functionalities, from product catalogs and variations to discounts and shipping options.

Product Filters and Wishlist Options

Enhance user experience with advanced product filtering and optional wishlist features.

Various Product Types

Supports both simple and variable products, catering to a diverse range of inventory.

Built-in Order Tracking

Customers can easily track their orders through a built-in system.

Unlimited Categories & Sub-Categories

Organize products efficiently with limitless categorization.

Advanced Typography and Color Schemes

Customize the look and feel of your marketplace with advanced typography options and color swatches.

Multiple Payment Methods and Currencies

Supports various payment gateways and currencies, facilitating global transactions.

Guest Checkout and Single Checkout Page

Streamlines the purchasing process with guest checkout and a simplified single checkout page.

SEO and Sitemap Support

Optimized for search engines, improving visibility and reach.

Powerful Media System and Admin Panel

A robust media system that supports various storage options, paired with an intuitive admin panel.

Responsive and Customizable Design

Fully responsive design that works across all devices, along with customizable themes.

Strong Permission System and Coding Standards

Ensures security and maintainability with a powerful permission system and adherence to coding standards.

Conclusion: Elevating Online Marketplaces with Farmart

Farmart – Single or Multivendor Laravel eCommerce System Free Download is a comprehensive, feature-rich Laravel script designed to empower entrepreneurs and business owners in the e-commerce space. Its blend of modern design, user-friendly features, and robust functionality positions it as an ideal choice for anyone looking to start or grow an online marketplace. Whether it’s for a niche store or a large-scale multi-vendor platform, Farmart offers the tools and flexibility needed to create a successful, efficient, and engaging online shopping environment.


Version 1.20.0 – Feb 23, 2024

- Fix email rules when PHP extension intl is not enabled
- Add custom CSS/JS for admin panel
- Add webm into media allowed extensions
- Improve media system, compress images when uploading
- Improve admin panel UI
- Improve performance
- Improve RTL style
- Improve Shippo logging
- Display tax info at the checkout page and in invoice
- Support Chinese language in invoice

Version 1.19.0 – Jan 03, 2024

- Fix plugin Analytics when extension bcmath not enabled
- Fix media double click
- Fix responsive issue on the admin panel
- Fix currency exchange rate from API
- Fix missing product image in Stripe checkout page
- Fix order zero amount
- Add option to add review for product from the admin panel
- Add more company address info into invoice settings
- Add customer notes (private note) in the admin panel
- Add option to select product FAQs from FAQs page
- Add option to reply to customer review from the admin panel
- Add option to show coupon code in the checkout page
- Add option to disable flash sale
- Add option to select language when installing script with installer
- Add option to stop converting media file URL to friendly URL
- Add user preference to select default language, dark/light mode...
- Add option to set color for media folder
- Add option to stop indexing a page
- Improve Admin theme UI
- Improve translations from the admin panel, make it easier to use.
- Improve System updater, fix permission issues on some servers
- Improve email notification settings

Version 1.18.0 – Dec 11, 2023

- Revamp admin theme, make it super beautiful. Check this video:
- Upgrade to Laravel 10
- Improve core code and performance
- Make it easier to customize

Version 1.17.0 – Oct 25, 2023

- Fix shipping rule based on location
- Fix missing data in invoice
- Add slugs translation
- Add stores list shortcode
- Improve multi-language
- Add option to generate order invoice
- Add tax by countries
- Add option to apply coupon automatically via URL
- Fix text direction button in CKEditor
- Fix issues when using PostgreSQL
- Fix city field at the checkout page
- Improve discounts
- Improve product filters
- Improve System updater
- Improve core & performance
- Improve locale/translation download
- Improve Analytics widgets

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