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HelpDesk Online Ticketing System Nulled stands as a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to streamline their customer service and support operations. This system integrates seamlessly with a company’s website, providing a robust platform for ticket support and management. In an era where efficient and effective customer service is paramount, HelpDesk Online offers a tool that not only simplifies the support process but also enhances customer satisfaction.

Effective customer support is crucial for any business, and the HelpDesk Online Ticketing System addresses this need by offering a user-friendly, efficient, and scalable solution. This system is designed to manage customer inquiries, complaints, and requests efficiently, ensuring that each ticket is handled promptly and professionally. By integrating this system into their website, businesses can offer their customers a seamless support experience, fostering trust and loyalty.

The HelpDesk Online Ticketing System is an all-in-one customer support tool that can be easily integrated into any business website. It offers a centralized platform where support tickets are received, processed, and tracked until resolution. The system is adaptable to various business sizes and types, making it suitable for small startups, mid-sized businesses, and large corporations alike.

Change log:
 -- 3.75 (10th February 2024) --- 
- FEATURE: Footer Text Translation 
- IMPROVEMENT: Ticket UID things(as per customer support request)(It's now with random 6 digit + actual ticket ID from MySQL)

-- 3.74 (19th January 2024) ---
- IMPROVED: Database Connection while DB password with special characters(as per customer request)
- IMPROVED AND FIXED: Send Mail While creating/updating ticket (as per customer request)
- IMPROVED AND FIXED: Priority update on settings page
- REMOVED: Softdelete Feature (regarding customer recommendation)
- FEATURE: Added terms & conditions checkbox while submitting a ticket by customer. (As per customer request)
- IMPROVED AND FIXED: Changed Ticket `uid` format with md5 generated code; now it will only visible on the URL.
- IMPROVED Documentation: Added gmail smtp instructions and offline version of the documentation.
-- 3.73 (10th January 2024) --- 
- NEW: Search ticket by client/customer 
- IMPROVED: Hide chat id(used generated slug string) from the URL 
- FIXED and IMPROVED: Get json conversation output for the public chat 
- FIXED: Hide ticket fields issues

-- 3.72 (6 Jan 2024) --- 
- IMPROVEMENT: Ticket uid format 
- FIXED: Prevent unauthorize ticket access through ID or UID - IMPROVEMENT: Sidebar menu css

-- 3.71 (1 Jan 2024) --- 
- NEW: Added Default email recipient for the customer email notification 
- IMPROVEMENT: Pusher remove completely when the credential not exist

--- 3.70 (27 December 2023) --- 
- FEATURE: Added Google ReCaptcha for Login, Register and Contact Page.

--- 3.69 (19 December 2023) --- 
- IMPROVEMENT: Global Settings Page (As per user request) 
- IMPROVEMENT: Installation database issue for some cases (As per user request)  
- FIXED: Logo and Image caching issue while change (As per user request)

--- 3.68 (6 December 2023) --- 
- FIXED: GMail SMTP issue

--- 3.67 (4 December 2023) --- 
- UPGRADE: Laravel framework with v10.34.2 
- UPGRADE: Inertiajs with v1.0.14 
- UPGRADE: Vue.js with v3.3.9 
- IMPROVEMENT: Added easily Installation with a few clicks.

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