WP Adminify Pro Free Download v3.2.2 Nulled

This WP Adminify Pro Free Download | WP Adminify Pro Nulled transforms your WordPress dashboard, optimizing it for both administrators and contributors. Below, we explore the various features and benefits of this game-changer for WordPress users.

1. Introduction to WP Adminify Pro Nulled

WP Adminify Pro is a premium version of the WP Adminify plugin, tailored to embellish and optimize the WordPress backend experience. While WordPress is undoubtedly one of the most user-friendly CMS platforms, there is always room for improvement, and that’s where WP Adminify Pro comes into the picture. With enhanced features and a plethora of customization options, it aims to redefine how users interact with the backend of their WordPress websites.

2. Key Features of WP Adminify Pro

  • Customized Dashboard Widgets: Tailor your dashboard by adding, removing, or rearranging widgets. This helps keep the most relevant information at your fingertips, ensuring that you don’t waste time searching for what you need.
  • Branding Options: Infuse your branding into the WordPress backend. From uploading a custom logo to changing the color scheme, WP Adminify Pro lets you align the dashboard with your brand’s aesthetic.
  • Advanced Menu Management: Control which menu items appear in the sidebar for different user roles. This ensures that contributors, authors, or other roles see only what’s relevant to them, reducing clutter and potential confusion.
  • Login Page Customization: Move beyond the default WordPress login page. Customize its appearance with your branding, background images, and even tweak the login form’s design.
  • Content Overviews: Quickly get a glimpse of pending comments, post drafts, and other important updates right from the dashboard, saving you precious time.
  • Developer Tools: With debug bar integrations, custom CSS/JS injections, and more, developers find it easier than ever to make tweaks without diving deep into the core files.

3. Why Upgrade to Pro?

While the basic version of WP Adminify offers a solid range of features, upgrading to the Pro version grants access to a wider array of customization options and functionalities.

  1. Extended Support: Receive dedicated and swift assistance whenever you encounter issues or have queries.
  2. Regular Updates: Benefit from regular updates that ensure compatibility with the latest WordPress versions and introduce new features.
  3. Integration with Other Plugins: WP Adminify Pro GPL often gets integration updates, ensuring it works seamlessly with other popular WordPress plugins.

4. Ease of Use

WP Adminify Pro prides itself on its intuitive user interface. Even those without advanced technical knowledge can quickly get a hang of its features. The plugin’s settings and options are well-organized, and there’s a helpful documentation section to guide users through any potential hurdles.

5. Pricing and Availability

WP Adminify Pro free download is available directly from its official website. Several pricing tiers cater to individual users, developers, and agencies. Regular promotions and discounts are also offered, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for the best deals.

Managing a WordPress website, be it for a personal blog, a business, or an e-commerce platform, should be a seamless experience. WP Adminify Pro takes a significant step in that direction, making backend management not just simpler, but also more efficient. With its array of features and constant updates, this plugin is a worthy investment for anyone looking to optimize their WordPress experience.


v3.2.2 – 21-01-2024

  • Fixed: Menu Duplicator not working issue fixed
  • Updated: Options Data Types issues updates
  • Updated: Upgrade Notice Updated
  • Fixed: Menu Editor User Roles not working issue fixed

v3.2.1 – 24-12-2023

  • Fixed: Conflict with “Admin Menu Editor” plugin issue fixed
  • Fixed: “Reset All” button color issue fixed
  • Fixed: All Buttons BG Color issue fixed
  • Fixed: WooCommerce Product Gallery “Delete” button hover cross button issue fixed
  • Fixed: Login Customizer – Register, Lost Password background color issue fixed
  • Fixed: Forminator plugin menu icon color issue fixed
  • Fixed: Forminator plugin admin UI broken issue fixed
  • Fixed: All Plugins page checkbox hover background issue fixed
  • Fixed: Plugin Details Thickbox style issue fixed
  • Fixed: Admin URL not redirecting issue fixed
  • Added: WordPress Logo on Gutenberg Post/Page Editor change options added on “Logo Options > Gutenberg Logo”. Thanks to @peopleinside, Support URL: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/replace-w-logo-when-edit-an-article-or-page/
  • Added: User Login and Logout Redirection based on Username, User Roles & User Capabilities

v3.2.0 – 26-11-2023

  • Supported: Enfold Theme support given for Avia Page Builder
  • Updated: Slow Admin issue improved
  • Fixed: “Back to Website” not hide issue fixed

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